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Top 6 Exercises You Can Do at Home

Top 6 Exercises You Can Do at Home

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For both men and women alike, sometimes, it is just not possible to go to a gym or a training center. This can happen due to several reasons. It may be that the gym or training center is not near the house.

For a new mom, it’s also quite difficult to leave the toddler at home. A single parent also faces a lot of difficulties. On the other hand, a training center may be quite expensive. However, there are almost always alternatives available to get the model-like body at home that you crave. All that you require is a strong commitment to work with determination, focus, and discipline. 

The Alarming Situation:

The data from the Risk Factor Surveillance System show alarmingly high obesity rates in the United States. Obesity rates are more than 35% in nine states, 30% in 13 states, and 25% in 48 states. Mississippi has the highest adult obesity rate at 39.5% together with West Virginia. This is simply way too high. 

On the other hand, the lowest obesity rate is clocked at 23% in Colorado. In normal circumstances, the adult obesity rate in Colorado would’ve been a very critical situation. However, compared to the other states, one is bound to sigh with relief. With that said, almost every 4th individual in Colorado is obese. Count in the overweight persons, and you will have many alarming percentages coming out from every part of the United States of America.

The Danger at Hand:

When you’re fat, you’re prone to getting sick quite frequently compared to lean and thin people. This is because the extra fat latches onto vital organs reducing their functionality. Moreover, high cholesterol levels owing to the alarmingly high level of fats contribute to heart diseases and complications. More fats mean a poor metabolic system. As a result of fat, the body can become quite weak. High blood pressure, diabetes, and many heart complications are related to a higher level of fats in the body. Therefore, it is important to exercise and reduce the level of fat in the body for a healthier life. This decision should be a conscious one. Moreover, doing exercises at home should be a lifestyle choice instead of being a means to an end i.e. belly reduction.

Read on to below to gain an understanding of the best exercises you can do at home and be on your way to a leaner and strong body. But make sure you wear proper workout clothes before performing them. 



The Value:

An excellent exercise to employ multiple muscle groups for maximum growth. Moreover, you will also be able to move shoulder joints. This is an excellent alternative to shoulder workouts in the gym. 

How to:

All you’ve got to do is simply assume a Push-up position. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart and your back must be flat. Rest on your palms as you gently push up. Make sure to form a straight line with your body from the head to the heels.

Dumbbell Squat:


The Value:

Squats are an all-time favorite exercise among athletes and workout enthusiasts alike. This is because this is an amazing way to strengthen your body. When you squat, many important muscles of your body take part in the activity. Moreover, a squat greatly helps you increase the strength of your lower body as well as your spine. Do it in moderation and slightly increase the number of squats to avoid any injury. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. If you’re looking forward to burning some fat or losing some weight, the squat is a go-to choice you must not refrain from. Furthermore, the added weight in the form of dumbbells will go a long way in enhancing the muscular systems in your upper body as well. This goes true especially in the case of your shoulder and neck muscles. Once you become proficient at this exercise, feel free to advance to barbell squats in the gym. 

How to:

It’s quite an easy exercise. You only require a pair of dumbbells, one for each hand. Position your legs wide apart. While keeping your head up and maintaining a straight back sit down. As you sit down to make sure that the dumbbells lower as much as they can without touching the ground. Go straight down instead of moving forward or backward. Once you reach down to exhale. Then, lift the dumbbells as you move back to your original position.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise:

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The Value:

This is one of the best exercises in order to tone up your shoulder muscles effectively. The lateral raise is an intense at-home workout that will allow you to isolate your medial deltoid (the middle of the three shoulder muscles). This isolation will allow you to exercise your muscles in such a way that its width mass increases profoundly. If you are in love with the notorious V-shape, then this exercise must be very close to your heart.

How to:

It’s very easy to do this exercise at home. Just stand and maintain a body posture. Hold a light dumbbell in each hand.  Remember, you must perform any exercises with ease and care. At a slow pace, not too swift, lift the dumbbells to the height of your shoulders at their sides. Pause here and do not swing the weight. Instead, let your shoulders feel the intensity of this particular exercise. As you let your muscles engage in a brutal fight with gravity know that your gains will be immense after this workout!

Dumbbell Calf Raise:

Dumbbell Calf Raise

The Value:

Don’t ever skip calves even if you are a beginner. These are very important muscular zones. With time, this exercise will become easier for you. Begin with a small amount of weight. You don’t have to start with bigger weights. Take it easy. As you feel easier on the lift, increase the weight, and then witness the gains for yourself!

How to:

A relatively difficult exercise that can be easily mastered with the passage of time. Let your heels touch the floor as you take your stance. You have to stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Now, raise your heels off the offer. When you do this, you have to hold at the top of the contraction. This is the point where you will have the maximum gains. Don’t worry about the strain that you feel. It’s only natural and as soon as you come back to your stance, it will ease down on you. However, lower yourself to your starting position gradually. 


Bicep Curl:

Bicep Curl


The Value:

A bicep curl comes in handy to develop your biceps, as the name implies. All you have to do is focus on the angles and execute them to perfection. Keep your upper arms stationary as you undergo the movements. Then, when you continue to practice for quite some time, you will notice that your arm is increasing in its size and strength.

How to:

Simply stand with a dumbbell in each hand. You have to keep your arms stationary as you execute the movements involved in this exercise. Curl the weights and lift them up until they are at shoulder height. Keep on a strong focus on your elbows because their position must be steady. At the very top gently squeeze your bicep. Then, slowly lower your arm to the starting position and repeat.

Dumbbell Step-up:

Dumbbell Step-up

The Value:

This is a great exercise for your entire body, especially your leg muscles. The muscles systems that greatly benefit from this exercise include the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This is actually a full leg workout. Furthermore, this exercise is not taxing on the legs. This means that this exercise is quite easy to execute with little to no stress on your body. As a result, one can rest assured that this exercise will not end up injuring them. 

How to:

Just stand in front of a bench with a firm and upward stance. Face the bend with a dumbbell in each hand. To begin, place your right foot on the bench. This movement should be followed by the rest of the body. Now, step down with your left foot. Again, the rest of the body should follow in pursuit bringing your body to its starting position. Repeat this exercise in regular sets to reap the positive benefits. Just a pair of dumbbells and swift movements will enable you to work out your entire body. Make it sure that as you step up your body remains straight. This means that you should not bend your back at all. The only part of your body that you move is your legs. Keep your dumbbells stationary too. As you left them against gravity, they will challenge you and pull you back down. This will remarkably increase your workout gains.

All of the above exercise techniques are very helpful if you are looking for a lean and fat-free body. Not only will these exercises allow you to lose weight, but they will also tone your muscles effectively. Without going to the gym, by incorporating these exercises into your routine, you can have a perfectly amazing gym body. And that too, in the very comfort of your home.

If you don’t have dumbbells already, it’s time to make a small investment and buy a pair of dumbbells. Once you do that, exercise regularly and prepare to boast a great body in no time.

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