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13 Interesting Fitness Facts You Need to Know

13 Interesting Fitness Facts You Need to Know

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We all want to achieve our own fitness goals. However, if you’re one of the enthusiasts who want results as quickly as possible, here’s a couple of facts about workouts you ought to know:

1- It Takes Almost 6-8 Weeks for Results to Show

Body Transformation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner getting started or a professional fitness freak who is switching up their game. The number one fact about workouts remains that every regimen change takes time. 

As per research, it takes a total of 6-8 weeks of training with the new regimen to see noticeable results. That means if you’re not seeing results after at least 10 weeks, you ought to switch it up. 

2- You Can’t Spot Gain or Reduce

You can Spot Gain

Our body can’t be modified like a car in the aftermarket. You have to work on the body’s overall fat and muscle composition in order to see results in any and every part of the body. 

Whether you’re trying to gain abs or reduce belly fat, abdominal crunches won’t get you the results. And that’s a fact when it comes to working out

It’ll be your overall fat loss, strength, flexibility and endurance training that will burn fat and help you gain or strengthen muscles all around the body.

Learn about belly fat reduction here.

3- Fats Don’t Make You Fat, Calories Do!

Fats don't make you fat

Fats are actually fatty acids, but if you think they cause bloating waistlines, love handles, or obesity, you’re wrong. 

The reason your body starts accumulating the bloated waistline is that the calories you’re consuming aren’t being burnt. 

When we start accumulating a calorie surplus, the calories slowly set down against our abdominal walls. 

Since the calorie surplus becomes a habit that doesn’t stop, the fat becomes hardened and tough to lose. 

Any expert you come across will verify this fact about working out.

4- Muscle Recovery Takes 3 Days

Muscle Recovery Take 3 days

A lot of misunderstandings surround muscle recovery with almost everyone having their own durations and sometimes even definitions of muscle recovery. 

Setting all those aside, the scientific fact remains that it takes 3 days for a muscle to fully recover from an intense workout. 

5- Steroids Have Given People Acne on Their Feet

Taking Steroid

Cases have been reported around the world implying that the use of steroids has resulted in individuals getting acne on the soles of their feet. 

Although this isn’t a fact about workouts, women bodybuilders actively participate in the use of steroids. 

In fact, it’s been noted that the effects of testosterone on women’s bodies are far more transformational.

6- Your Post-Meal Workouts Only Burn A Percentage of Your Meal 

Post-Meal Workouts Only Burn A Percentage of Your Meal

The number of calories you take in are stored in your body. When you work out, you don’t automatically burn all those calories, rather, you’ll be burning a percentage of it. 

This means that meal frequency is irrelevant and you just have to worry about burning as many calories as you can. 

7- Ratio for Weight Loss is 80/20 for Diet vs. Exercise

Ratio for Weight Loss is 80/20 for Diet vs. Exercise

Your diet is the primary factor that affects your weight loss goals

Whether you’re engaging in cardio or HIIT, you can forget ever seeing results unless you form a healthy diet plan and follow it religiously. 

8- Lifting Excessively Heavy Doesn’t Affect Muscle Building

Lifting Heavy

You’re exerting more pressure on yourself for nothing. Instead, try doing more reps and sets on moderate weights that you can increase with time. 

For more information on how to get muscles, click here

9- No Pro Bodybuilder is Natural

No Natural Pro Bodybuilder

That’s the sad reality folks. What you see is what you can’t get unless you inject them with testosterone and other hormones. 

In fact, another bizarre fact about workouts remains that some bodybuilders have begun to eat monkey brains for growth hormones. 

10- You Gain Muscle By Hitting Macronutrient Targets

Gain Muscles with Macro Nutrients

The only way to gain muscle mass is to hit weekly and daily macronutrient targets. As with all training regimens, your exercise and workouts are secondary. 

The primary factor that affects your fitness goals is your diet. That’s why you need to ensure a healthy diet that gives you a significant amount of protein and healthy carbs. 

11- Don’t Know How Many Reps? Do 4-6

Do 4-6 Reps

Four to six is the ideal amount of reps as per Michael Matthews’s Bigger Leaner Stronger. 

If you are trying out a new exercise and are confused about the number of reps you should do, go for 4-6 reps. 

12- There’s No Building Without Destruction

Build Muscle after Destruction

When we try to build our body, we are actually tearing our muscles apart and constructing them anew by giving them new sizes and proportions. 

Although this fact doesn’t help your workout, it can be pretty motivating to look at it philosophically. 

13- 60-90 Minutes is the Max Gym Time 

60 to 90 minutes Gym Daily

Staying in the gym for over an hour and a half to work out will almost always result in overtraining. 

If not injuries caused by fatigue and exhaustion, you might end up giving yourself long-term problems such as chronic muscle and joint pain, cardiovascular problems, etc. 

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