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6 Different Types of Gym workout Tank Tops for Your Wardrobe

6 Different Types of Gym workout Tank Tops for Your Wardrobe

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Fitness and fashion trends continue to shift gears with the passage of time. The progressions in the fashion and apparel industry and the craze of wearing fashionable, comfortable, and chic attire are continuously pushing the athleisure industry for taking more innovative measures. As the tastes and preferences regarding the fitness outfits continue to shift from time to time. There are some workout attire items that just never go out of trend. 

Best Gym Workout Tank Tops:

One attire item of the sort is gym workout tank tops.  This lightweight, comfortable, and sweat-wicking gym attire item is one of the most appraised and used attire items fitness lovers and athletes all over the globe swear by. Specifically designed tank tops for workout purposes can keep you dry, agile, and comfy during all types of workout regimens.

You will see that a large number of fitness enthusiasts and sports athletes prefer to wear tank tops, especially in the summer season to avoid getting overheated or sweat excessively. You will not see only men wearing this attire item, women also love these comfy tops for remaining fresh during their exercise sessions. The reason why the trend of this athletic item is not fading away with time is due to the fact that you can wear this breathable item to a large number of casual settings. Whether you are going for running, going to the gym for lifting weights, or just going to go for a walk on the beach. This apparel item will make your look casual, sportier, and athletic in all social settings. 

Due to the progressive shift in the dynamic of the sportswear industry the adoption of wearing athleisure outfits not only increased in the gym and outside it. But also the business world is encouraging wearing formal athleisure outfits. Now tank tops are being worn to dinner parties, dress-friendly business meetings, and casual hangouts. 

However, wearing a single tank-top everywhere is not an idle option. There are a lot of modern variations for this outfit item that you can wear on different occasions to look presentable and remain stylish. If you are a sports lover and love to exercise or if you are looking to upgrade your workout attire wardrobe, here is a complete guide for different variations of men’s workout tank tops.  

Athletic Tank Tops 

1- Athletic gym workout tank tops

These are one of the modern and trendy types of tanks that most athletes and fitness lovers prefer to wear today. These are also considered the athleisure clothing items that you can wear both inside a fitness center and outside of it as well. Health lovers and fitness athletes rock a lot of creative outfits by comparing and contrasting different types of clothing items with these modern types of tanks. For instance, you can wear your favorite gym shorts, an athletic tank, and complete your outfit with sportswear sneakers. Similarly, you can blend and mix a wide range of outfits. A perfect example of an athletic tank is Born Tough’s lunar rock gym workout tank top for men. 

Born Tough’s lunar Rock gym workout tank top is a must-have for men who love to look athletic or partake in regular exercising routines. This is a variation of the traditional tank-tops with extended front and back hems and flatlock seams for maximum comfort. These tanks are made from the most light-weight swift fabric which has been specifically designed for base layers. It can keep you breathable, stretchable, and is highly durable. If you need to know more about how you can upgrade your wardrobe with the best gym clothing outfits. Check out the guide below. 

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Air Pro Tank Tops

2- Air pro fitted workout tank tops

As the name suggests, air pro fitted tops are specifically tailored to facilitate the airflow between the clothing and your body. This intelligently built ventilation clothing item can help you remain dry during intense workouts while also preventing the stains of sweat. 

In other words, no matter how much you sweat during your training sessions, this tank-top can keep your underarms dry and prevent body odor. Born Tough takes pride in offering one of the best air pro fitted tanks available in the athleisure industry today. A perfect example of an air pro tank is Born Tough Men Air Pro fitted tank black for men. 

Whether your goal is to build a healthy body and a fit lifestyle while partaking in home-based exercises or build an athletic physique under the supervision of professional trainers in the fitness academy. This clothing item made from Born Tough’s signature air pro fabric is extremely affordable and can be the best way to go.  Because air pro fabric allows the free flow of air allowing cooling and evaporation of excessive sweat. In addition, the streamlined design with extended back hem also prevents ride up.

Hooded bodybuilding tank tops

3- Hooded bodybuilding tank tops

One of the latest fads in the athleisure wear is the hooded bodybuilding tank-tops. These types of tanks are made sleeveless and feature a hood for that added ‘bad-boy’ look men eagerly crave so much for. These are multi-purposes tanks that can look and feel great during exercise but can also be worn as a part of casual dressing. 

You can wear various workout bottoms including jogger pants, gym shorts, trousers, etc. to create stylish looks that you can use to go shopping, traveling, casual parties, and hangouts while looking sportier and athletic. One way to do it is to wear a denim jacket over your hooded tank and pair it with rough-cut denim pants with a high-quality pair of shoes.  

You can wear these hooded-tanks in both summer and winter seasons to remain comfortable and agile. These tanks are widely used and praised due to the comfort they provide during post-workout recovery time. You can wear these comfy hooded tops to speed up your recovery process after going through intensive training sessions. 

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 V-Neck Tank Tops

4- V-neck Performance Sleeveless Workout Tank Tops

As the craze of fashionable V-necks in shirts, sweaters, and t-shirts continued to defy gravity, it was only a matter of time that V-neck based fitness tank-tops were introduced. Now the time has come and performance-enhancers sleeveless workout tank-tops are available in the athleisure market globally. 

These types of tops are designed specifically with mobility and comfiness in mind. These attire items are ideal for running, workout, gym and fitness training, and outdoor activities, or even daily basis of house-hold activities. This can be the best choice to wear in summer if you want to chill inside your house or go on outdoor fun activities with your friends and family. Deciding to wear this comfortable attire item can be the small change you were looking for to improve your health. 

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Sleeveless Shirt

5- Sleeveless Compression workout Tee shirts

This is one of the best variations of tank-tops as compared to the traditional tanks. These types of compression based evaporative tanks don’t even allow the drops of sweat to stay on the apparel and the strategically used mesh material in their construction causes a cooling effect when you sweat. This absorption of sweat and the use of mesh material makes you feel cool and keep you dry even in highly warm temperatures.  An ideal example of a Sleeveless shirt is Born Tough Air Pro sleeveless fitted black tee shirt for men.

In terms of feel and fit, these compression based tee shirts are designed with a specific 4-way stretch feature that facilitates the body movements during exercises. However, it is not recommended to immediately change your clothing after your workout sessions are complete. This can expose your body and muscles to air when they are warmed up from exercise and the direct cooling air on your muscles can halt your muscle’s growth. 

String tanks

6- String tanks

String tanks are one of the most appraised types of workout tops and equally hard to find nowadays. These types of tops are also known as the ‘y-back string tops’. These types of tops were made famous by many bodybuilding celebrities and influencer athletes on the internet. One of the major reasons for their popularity is that they are designed to be very narrow in terms of the shoulders sides, which exposes a larger area of the shoulders and upper body. 

And the reason they are hard to find nowadays is due to the fact that there is an extra amount of effort and labor cost involved in their production due to which a limited amount of brands choose to develop them. If you are a bodybuilder or partake in heavy weightlifting string tanks can help you feel flexible, cool, and agile during your intensive training.

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There you have it an in-depth guide for finding the best variations of men’s workout gym tank tops that you include in your wardrobe to create stylish and trendy athletic looks and outfits that you can wear both during your exercising sessions and also for casual purposes. You should take part in healthy exercises or sports, to being with. However, for some reason, if you do not partake in any sports or physical activities wearing athletics clothing items can also motivate you to exercise and can also boost your self-confidence.

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