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Finding the Best Running Shorts For Men

Finding the Best Running Shorts For Men

Born Tough Air Pro™ Men's 5" Running Shorts with Liner Grey Camo

Born Tough Air Pro™ Men's Running Shorts With Legging Liner Black

Born Tough Men's Compression Running Shorts Black


When it comes to men’s running shorts, it’s hard to find the perfect pair for yourself. Mainly because there’s so many variables to consider when searching for the most suitable shorts for yourself. Technology has grown over the years which has allowed for better running shorts and different features to be added to them. There’s nothing worse than running in a pair of shorts that make you feel uncomfortable. You should be searching for shorts that will give you the best experience while doing any activity.

Being comfortable is important and that should be the number one factor when looking for the right running shorts. Some shorts even include liners, pockets, and other features. These are all features that can help with your support and recovery both during the run and after. You also need to consider different fabrics and the conditions you will be working out in. This article will explain running shorts, the benefits of using them, different types, and the best ones on the market.

What are running shorts? 

Running In Shorts

Before we start talking about the different types of running shorts for men, we need to understand exactly what running shorts are. Running shorts are usually short and end above your knee, making the movement easier. The cut of running shorts is done to maximize breathability and movement, also to ensure the pant does not catch on the knees. They’re lightweight for comfort and easier movements, because no one likes to run in heavy baggy shorts, they’re not comfortable and most of the time they make it hard to run in. Short length shorts prevent the discomfort of the shorts pulling up during a stride, which sometimes make running feel uncomfortable. Some running shorts also include liners on the inside that act as compression underwear for better movement and comfort. Running shorts are made to offer support in every aspect of running/working out. 

The need for Running Shorts 

You might be asking yourself, do I really need running shorts? And the answer is, yes, you do. If you’re someone who runs a lot or even does other exercises regularly, then running shorts are the best option for you to enhance your workout and comfort. Running, strength training, walking, etc., all these activities require movement, when doing these you want to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to be held back and restricted to certain movements because of your shorts, you want to be able to move however you want while also being comfortable at the same time. These shorts also offer the support you need while working out, for example, compression shorts reduce inflammation, muscle pain, and damage.

Both the fabric and features of running shorts make this possible for you. Have you ever tried running in heavy baggy shorts? It’s not fun. Running shorts make exercise much easier and comfortable. The lightweight fabric and compression makes moving easier while preventing possible discomfort you would get from other shorts. Most running shorts also include features such as: 

  • Liners: These provide moisture-management to absorb sweat which makes things cooler, comfortable, and dry. 

  • Pockets: A lot of running shorts now have pockets to hold stuff you may need to take on your run or workout. Pockets might be located on the side or on the waistband of the shorts. These make it easier to take keys, snacks, your phone, anything you need to take and don’t want to hold. 

  • Visibility: Many shorts now come with reflective stripes on them making it easier and safer to go running at night. With reflective stripes, you will be able to stand out when a car is approaching you.

These features might not seem like a lot but they are. They make it easier, safer, and more convenient to go running during the day or at night. The new technology being put into running shorts, along with the features they come with, are creating a better experience for the runner both during and after the run for recovery. These are things you should be thinking of when searching for shorts. Depending on your situation and environment, you might need shorts with specific features to get the most out of your experience. 

Benefits of Running Shorts


Running shorts don’t just offer comfort and support during the workout. They also offer other benefits for your body that will help with recovery and how your body feels after. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Increased Muscle Oxygenation

  • Faster Recovery

  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue

  • Support

Muscle oxygenation is the rate of oxygen usage and supply to a working muscle tissue. Compression shorts and split shorts enhance blood flow which leads to increased muscle oxygenation, which leads to a better athletic performance. Not only do compression shorts increase muscle oxygenation, they also help you recover faster from muscle fatigue. The compression shorts reduce soreness which allows for a faster recovery. Muscle Oxygenation and good blood flow means you’re less likely to experience heavy fatigue, this will allow you to run longer and faster. Running shorts offer all these benefits, but the most important one might be support in the crotch area, leading to a better and more comfortable workout for men. Not having support can make your workout very uncomfortable and cause pain. Which is why running shorts are the best option for any type of workout. 

Different Types of Running Shorts

Another thing you might want to consider when searching for the perfect running shorts is the style. Not all running shorts are the same or have the same fit, there’s different styles making each running experience unique. There are three main styles of running shorts:

  • Compression Shorts: These shorts apply a tight and snug fit to your body. The tight fit makes them much warmer than other shorts, provides muscle support, crotch support, and prevents chafing when running. 

  • V-Notch Shorts: Now these are the most popular style of running shorts. These shorts have an upside down v-shaped cutout on the outer leg seam which enables the runner to have a greater range of movement than they would if the seams were together all the way down. 

  • Split Shorts: These shorts have a loose fit and the leg seams offer an upside down v cutout at the bottom. The difference from the split shorts and the v-notch shorts is that the v cutout is created by the front panel, which overlaps the back rather than being part of the leg seam like the v-notch shorts. These shorts offer the greatest range of motion to the runner. 

Aside from the different styles of running shorts, you also need to consider the different types of fabrics that shorts are made of. Most of the time running shorts are made from either synthetic or natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are made mostly of polyester, a polyester-spandex blend or a nylon blend. The polyester blend offers a good fit, stretch, durability, and moisture-management which prevents chafing and discomfort while running. Natural fibers, such as cotton, offer good stretch and movement but don’t hold up well against moisture. If you’re using these shorts in high temperatures it can cause chafing and might cause them to break down faster.

 Both fabrics are different but neither one is the wrong one, you might need a specific fabric depending on your environment and where you live. If you’re running in cold temperatures, then the cotton shorts might be the best option for you because you won’t have to worry about high temperatures. So before picking a pair of shorts, don’t forget to take a look at the fabric and consider which one would be better for you. 

Top 15 Running Shorts for Men:

Born Tough offers the best extensive variety of workout shorts for men, coming in different colors and patterns while including all the features you need. Whether you’re running, weightlifting, or doing CrossFit, these shorts will offer you the best experience and comfort possible. Air Pro, Viscose, Momentum, and Compression, these are the four different types of shorts Born Tough offers. Each type of shorts offers a different style while still giving you the best comfort and experience possible. So, let’s get into them. 

Air Pro shorts for Running

The Air Pro shorts are a mesh fabric, highly breathable, and moisture wicking preparing you for any high intensity workout.

Born Tough Men’s Air Pro Liner Shorts for Running:

Born Tough Men’s Air Pro Liner Shorts for Running:

These shorts are double layered with an inner compression layer and outer Air Pro layer. They’re lightweight with 4-way stretchability and have a towel/shirt loop in the back. Also coming with an inner compression phone pocket that is placed on the hip to minimize movement and keep the pocket out of the way while you’re working out. These shorts offer great comfort and support while being stylish at the same time. Not only do these shorts come in different colors they also come in different styles: 

These styles are available in: 

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Military green

  • White Camo

  • Grey Camo

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Each one has their own unique style to them to suit your preference. The 5” and 7” offer you a different length for your preference while still having the same features for each giving you the same experience while working out. The cargo shorts offer you the same experience as well while giving you more pockets and extra space for items you might want to hold onto while going for a run or working out. If you prefer to have most of your legs covered up and compressed then the legging liner shorts are perfect for you. 

Viscose shorts for Running

The Viscose shorts are a green cotton alternative, lightweight and soft, and form fitting preparing you for any everyday workout. These shorts come in two different styles: 

    Born Tough Men’s Core Fit Cargo Shorts

    These cargo shorts are slightly longer and add more space to the Cargo Shorts. They include a heat zippered pocket, an open side pocket, and a welted back pocket. They also include two additional zippered cargo pockets that provide you plenty of space for anything you need to have with you while working out. Made with Born Tough’s signature prestige fabric, these shorts offer maximum comfort.

    Born Tough Men’s Core Fit Plain Shorts

    Designed for performance and comfort, these shorts are made from Born Tough’s unique signature blend fabric. They include a breathable elastic panel between the legs that brings ventilation as well as flexibility. They also have a welted back pocket in addition to having a secure zippered pocket and a quick-access side pocket.

    These styles are available in: 

    • Black

    • Grey

    • Stone

    • Lunar Rock

    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 

    Compression shorts for Running

    The Compression shorts are a cotton-spandex blend, offer compression, and include 4-way layers for compression and support. 

    Born Tough Men’s Compression Shorts

    These shorts are made from Born Tough’s signature elastane blend specifically for compression. They increase blood flow and hence increase performance while decreasing the recovery time after working out. They include two gravity pockets that are designed to keep your phone, wallet, and anything else out of the way while working out. 

    This style is available in:

    • Black

    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    Momentum shorts for Running

    The Momentum shorts are made with a heavy cotton blend, insulated, and form fitting for all your outdoor workouts. These shorts come in four different styles: 

    Plain Inseam Crossfit Workout Shorts for Running

    These styles are available in

    • Black

    • Steel Grey

    • Military Green

    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 

    These shorts have a soft, stretchable, and durable fabric. They’re made with polyester that is lightweight and moisture wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable during your high intensity workouts. They have a drawstring closure grip on the waist for a snug fit, keeping the shorts securely in place and allowing a full range of comfortable movements. Side pockets are also included to hold your phone or anything else. Great for heavy lifting, running, and any other workout you might desire.

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