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Busting Workout Myths That You Don’t Need to Believe Anymore

Busting Workout Myths That You Don’t Need to Believe Anymore

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There is a lot of hype about health, healthy life, workout, and exercise but at the same time, there are a lot of myths and half questions as well. These things make people doubtful about the workout and whether or not they should start. Almost 50% of the Americans are trying to lose weight and half from the rest are trying to gain weight. Tons of miscommunication and misleading things destroy many lives but not anymore because we will not let that happen. This day we are here to debunk the myths and claims that you need to stop believing. Here we go!

No pain no gain


After a Hollywood movie of the same title people severely started believing this. Pushing the limits, doing every workout like it is going to be your last, lifting heavy weights will only result in pain and no gain. To gain form workouts you must work strategically with a plan. The best workouts are the ones that leave your body sore and that is how you know the muscle you wanted to work on actually got active. Being discomforted during and even after the workout is normal but thinking and trying to get pain because “no pain, no gain”, no, it’s not true.

Science and doctors confirm it, it is not just us. Here is a short read on how to unlock your true workout potential, it is helpful. This myth is so strong that almost all of us believed and even started working like that. Plus if your body hurts, not sore hurting actually hurting then it will not be long after when you will get tired and give up, without any gain. 

What causes muscle soreness 


What actually causes the soreness in the muscles after you are done working out. Some say that it is caused by lactic acid building up muscles. This a common believe while it does not have to do anything with the workout efficiency but it is not true. This is more like a half-truth, lactic acid is actually produced during intense workouts whether it be running, gym, weightlifting, or any other exercise but that is cleared from there shortly after we are done working out. 

Now the truth, muscle soreness is caused because it tears the muscles as we are working out. It depends on what the workout is and its intensity. This is necessary because as muscles muscle tissues shred and rebuilt it appears the muscles are growing, which they are. To let them recover or grow you need to give it proper time and rest, i.e. at least 48 hours of rest and good night sleep.

Exercise must be done regularly


Huh, what? This sounds like if you are working out all week and miss two days because of some reason everything goes in vain! What absurdity, but we believed it! getting in shape is not easy either maintaining it. As there is no shortcut, magic way, or overnight fitness it comes with time. True-True! Working out and exercising should be done regularly but taking a day off in a week is completely fine. In fact, 4 days a week workout is also good and you don’t have to worry about a thing. This totally depends on whether you have time or not, if you do why miss if you don’t, why push it that hard. Trying to find what time is best for you to workout, here it is.

There is an easier way to do it, up the intensity of your workouts and even 4 days would be enough. It is something called HIIT i.e. high-intensity interval training it will cut the time and increase the intensity of workouts with the same results, depending on how well you do it. With time increase the intensity and after a while, like 8 months or a year, change your routine. 

Sports drinks are a must 


This is one of those myths that carried too far away. Sports drinks do help but only to a limited extent. They easily replace glucose level in the blood which in return gives muscles food so they can work for longer and better. They are helpful for high-intensity workouts but if your workout is going to be low intensity or normal then energy drink is no good. On the other hand, if weight loss is your goal then throw that bottle right away. Energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners that are best friends of fat and help them grow. Water is just fine for the rest of us, but don’t drink entire tanks during or even short before and after the workout. 

Stretching Before Exercise Will Prevent Injury


This is an arguable topic and the answer is not straight and simple. You can say that this is a half-truth, rather than a straight-up myth. There are two parties pro stretching and anti-stretching and both obviously do what they are named. Real confusion starts when we are confused about warming up and stretching, which one to do before the workout and which one is for after we are done working out. 

Warm-up before a workout is really important and helps muscle pain. Warming up means you make the muscles ready for a workout. Stretching is usually for the end but studies show that when properly done it benefits even if done before the workout. Myth, it prevents injuries, of course, it is false. Stretching and warming up cannot prevent what you have been doing wrong during a workout. But they help to make muscles ready and boost them. Another reason for injury is inappropriate workout clothes. Here is an excellent collection of amazing workout clothes for men and women. 

Working out is not for weight loss


The problem is people who start working out seek immediate results, which is very wrong because results don’t come instantly whether it be weight gain or weight loss. This also depends on the body type, diet, sleep, and workout the person is doing. Because not all of us realize that they think the workout is not effective for weight loss or weight gain. For weight gain, the number of calorie intake should be more than calories burned and vice versa for weight loss.

Quick weight loss is possible through workout


This is the inverse of the previous one and the same on most levels. Again, you are expecting too much and probably not working out properly, eating fatty foods and other such things. WAIT exercise does help lose weight, it is one of the best ways, but things don’t happen overnight. This is the thing we need to understand. Weight-loss happens when you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Now whether it be doing regroups intense workouts or some other relatively less intense workout. 

Supplements are must


Sadly, no! This is also a popularly believed myth. More protein means more muscle growth and they can be easily fulfilled naturally. Does that mean you don’t need any supplements at all? Most supplements are derived from milk or soy thus you are paying to eat protein extracted food! Obviously, we could not debunk all the myths because there are too many but these were the most popular ones. See you next time!

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