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Does Sweating More Mean Better Workout

Does Sweating More Mean Better Workout

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Sweat is your friend and actually important for the body. But you might have noticed that you sweat a lot or less. For instance, you are in a group run and notice some people are sweating more while others are sweating less, but all you are running the same. One of the reasons is that everybody is different. Rumor has it, the more you sweat the better your workout is. But this is just a rumor or is it. The level of sweat does not have anything to do with if the workout was good or not. Following we will debunk this so, just stay put. 

Why Do We Sweat?

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There are a lot of reasons why humans sweat like stress, illness, eating food, fear, emotion, heat or high temperature, and other reasons. Our glands are responsible for secreting sweat. Evaporation of that sweat from the skin helps cooling down the body temperature. The sweat during exercise is our focus today! So, sweating during exercise can happen because of genetics, temperature, and humidity. This is completely dependent and changes from person to person while other factors play an important role. Usually, men sweat more than women, and young people sweat more than elders, and fit ones sweat more than unfit.

This is because fit body regulated more heat and the internal cooling systems kick in fast. Other than that, low or less sweat can mean you are working in an air-conditioned room, or where the air is flowing better, under a fan or outdoors, or just you don’t sweat that much. Turn the air conditioning or fans off and see if the results are the same.

How to Stay Dry?

How to Stay Dry after workout

If your body does not sweat that much it is completely fine, but if it does here is how you can stay dry. Excessive or under sweating is not much of a problem, however, you should talk to your doctor about it. Workout clothes, activewear or sportswear are these clothes that are made for exercise and activity which makes you sweat. They are made to keep the sweat away from the body which results in better performance and results. Cotton mix fabrics or synthetic fabrics are the best at sweat-wicking and most recommended. 

Note: if you are going for polyester, just remember that it sticks more than other fabrics. However, workout clothes are a great way of keeping the sweat away from the body. Exercise in normal clothes, jeans, or even a cotton T-shirt is not the right way. They don’t let sweat evaporate which can cause bacteria build-up resulting in skin problems like itching or rashes. 

Remember to wash your active gear after a workout and never use it again without washing because all that bacteria in there can cause problems. Taking breaks between workouts is another way of letting the body cool down. But remember not to let the body get cool and dry entirely because getting it heated up again would take more time. Just do 1-2 minutes rest between sets. 

What is Reality?

Lift Weight and Sweat

So, sweat is not at all a sign of intense workout or better workout, when you didn’t sweat that much, especially for the ones living in tropical climate regions. The level of how someone sweats is dependent on factors like genes, precipitation level, clothing, humidity, weight, fitness, age, gender, and temperature. Thus, we conclude that tons of sweat does not mean a better workout unless it is for the same person. Worried about your performance, just follow these tips to unlock your workout potential and forget the sweat indicator.

For the same person, it might be a sign that today she/he didn’t have a good workout as the other day when they sweated a lot keeping in mind other things like precipitation level, clothing, humidity, gender, and temperature. We are not saying this out of the blue without any solid proof. According to the researches and activity held by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The study included a group working out one day at 70-degree controlled temperature and the next day the same group worked out in 92-degree controlled temperature. 

On the second day, they sweated a lot more and reported feeling like working out heavier and intense than the previous day while their heart rates were the same. This suggested they were not actually working out harder, they just felt like it. The study concludes temperature has a vital effect on sweat but it is not at all correlated with the intensity of the workout. 

Sweat is a way of keeping our bodies cool so that it does not reach the ultimate temperature causing us to faint and other problems like nausea, weakness, and vomiting, etc. The level of alcohol, caffeine, and fats one consumes also decides the sweat. An important note here to keep in mind is to drink plenty of water and liquids to fulfill the shortage or fluids because of sweating.

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