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How You Can Enjoy Workouts and Exercises

How You Can Enjoy Workouts and Exercises

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As we age the health and urge or keeping oneself healthy reduces. But as we are still can we should keep a healthy living and exercise is one of the ways. If you don’t feel like it there are a million other ways to try. Keeping yourself fit the goal of how you do it does not matter as far as it is done the right way. There are a lot of benefits of working out like increases longevity, mood boost, stress release, better health, and the list goes on. 

Most of us hate working out because of some mistakes that we make or thinking of it as something that is a burden. While others skip going to the gym saying they are too busy, while actually, for most of them, it is just an excuse. If your own health is not important then it will never be a priority and the chart will just keep on going down. As of now working out will not be boring for you anymore because you are about to receive tips and tricks on how to enjoy your workouts.

Do what you love

Do what you love

Exercise is not just limited to exercise. Sports, martial arts, swimming, and other means can also act as exercise. Or it can be your favorite exercise. Doing what you like will, you’ll enjoy exercising and fitness won’t be a problem anymore. The only thing you have to do is find something that you love, the one that will work on your body, or just develop your interest in the exercise you do. If wearing workout clothes, seeing your muscles in the mirror, lifting weights, or just seeing someone at the gym gives you a push, go for it.

Plan a schedule 

Plan a schedule

Keeping the day on track is difficult. There can be many reasons for it and so are the solutions. Planning and keeping that plan intact is a way you can do it. Take some time out of your busy routine for yourself, after all, what is the benefit of all the hard work when you aren’t able to enjoy the fruits of it. Just don’t jampack your routine. Keep a 20 to 30 minutes gap in between things, adjust the schedule according to your routine. Don’t waste time and once everything is set to follow it.

Is it worth skipping?

Is it worth skipping

Analyze for once, is your time being utilized in a positive way when you skip a workout. Is it worth skipping because of what you do in that time? Things like spending time on the phone, scrolling through your wall, chatting with friends, surfing the internet, etc. should not be the reason. If they are making you skip workout then straighten up your preferences. 

30 to 60 minutes in a day are not that much, plus you can talk to friends, watch or listen to your favorite show, etc. during the exercise. This exercise will not even feel like a burden anymore. Have a look at some ways to keep yourself motivated, this might help to give you some motivation and reasons not to skip.

Overcoming the Obstacle

Overcoming the Obstacle

By now you have figured out how to take time for yourself and set your priorities, it is time to start. Now we just have to focus on going to the gym daily whether it be for 30 minutes or 1 hour 30 minutes. This depends on what your routine is and how much time you give yourself. 30 minutes today can save hours spent in pain as you eat dozens of medicines daily. 

For now, you don’t have to worry about the intensity of workout, results, or gains. Think of this time as your body getting adjusted to a new routine. As you feel comfortable with weights and machines to start increasing the intensity gradually. Try to walk more and take the stairs if possible, in daily life.

Set goals 

Set goals

While getting comfortable with your new routine now it is time to set some goals. Remember to make achievable, measurable, and realistic goals. Long term and short-term goals both are important. Short term goals are like a ladder that takes you to the destination.  Without the ladder, you won’t be able to achieve it and without a destination climbing the ladder has no point. Don’t lose hope adjust your goals accordingly and keep ongoing. 

Change in goals

The body you see in magazines, posters, and even movies are impossible to maintain and hard as hell to get. As said before setting realistic goals. Try something like gaining or losing some pounds, getting your waist from 40 to 34 inches. Increasing the size of your chest and bisects etc. When goals are realistic and measurable first of all you can measure them and see if real progress is being made. Second, it motivates adding fuel to go further. Just keep a positive mindset, have a look if you don’t know how to do that.

When you do make yourself feel good and achieved that goal. Getting ripped or toned muscle is a long-term goal. If you don’t know how and what to set talk to your trainer and work together towards your goals. Stick to what you decided and don’t lose hope if it couldn’t be achieved in the allotted time. Go a little easy on yourself, adjust the goal and time then do it again until you succeed. 

Think of its benefits

Think of the benefits of exercise and workout, not just physical but mental. Workout gives you a sense of joy, especially if you love doing it. The benefits might not show up instantly so don’t lose hope; with time they will appear. 

  • Dealing better with stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Stress relieves
  • Better sleep
  • Take out that rage
  • Active mind and body
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • You become happy
  • Enjoy life more
  • Better health

This is just a starter, what you will reap are hindered of other benefits. 

Enjoy the Fruits

See positive changes

If you stick to the plan, after a while the benefits and positive changes will start to appear. Then you can move on to enjoy the fruits of hard work and just seeing yourself for a moment in the mirror will give you enough boost and the workout will not be boring or dull as once they were. This is what you will get if you stick to it and do things right. 

Workout intensity

Workout intensity

Congratulations, you have made it this far, not just reading this but on your workout journey too. You would have been bored working out with the same intensity. So, now it is time to take things up a notch and experiment by adding more weight. Just remember to be patient and not jump steps. Increase the intensity gradually.

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