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Some Great Workout Tops for Men in 2022

Some Great Workout Tops for Men in 2022

Born Tough Air Pro Shorts Legging Liner Military Green

Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Hoodie Grey/Black

Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Jogger Grey


Since the advent of advanced technological gadgets like mobile phones, more and more people are getting into sedentary lifestyles. To make the situation even worse, the culture of eating fast foods is also prevailing globally. This inactive lifestyle and the excessive use of junk foods have brought the world to a situation where obesity is spreading rampantly. Not to forget here that obesity is the root cause of many chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and some types of cancers. And according to WHO, around 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Many people after listening to different tv campaigns and medico’s guidelines about the importance of healthy weight, started some workout routine but failed to adhere to that. This is because most of them either don’t have a workout mindset or lose motivation and interest after going to the gym a week or two. You can overcome this state of affairs if you have a good workout partner and a fitness instructor. After signing up into a motivational workout instructor’s gym, the next big thing is choosing a good workout outfit for your exercise.

There are a great many gym shirts for men available in the market, but all those are not up to scratch. This article will usher you in the selection of some best quality men’s workout shirts.

What are the features that we consider while ranking workout tops?


When you are training, you will sweat a lot especially if you are doing some intense training like martial arts. A sweat-wicking quality is extremely important to remove moisture from your skin.

Comfortable fitting:

A good fit shirt will motivate you to do some extra reps and a tight fit shirt makes you leave the physical activity unfinished.

Quick-dry fabric:

The breathable quality of shirts is very handy for quick-drying. 

Four-way stretch:

Four-way stretchability is exceptionally important for training in intense like running. This quality enables the wearer to feel less hindered while stretching, running, bodybuilding, or doing moves like lunges or burpees.

1.  Born Tough Air Pro Long Sleeve Fitted Workout Shirt for Men:

Born Tough Air Pro Long Sleeve Fitted Tee Shirt for Men

If you want to choose a full sleeve t-shirt, this Air Pro Long Sleeve shirt would be your best bet. This ultra-lightweight tee is designed from extremely soft and plush material, Air pro fabric. When it comes to stretchability, this men’s gym shirt is paramount. Also, the shirt is highly breathable, and moisture-wicking with an extended scallop hem to alleviate shirt pull when stretching, jumping, running, and squatting. To enhance the visibility of the Men’s tee, a reflective logo at the left bottom (on the front side) and a visible design on the back (close to the neck) is imprinted. There is a choice of up to snuff colors for you.

2.  Born Tough Men Air Pro Fitted Gym Tank:  

Born Tough Men Air Pro Fitted Tank

If you wish to outfit yourself in a sleeveless top for your rigorous workout, you should buy yourself this Air Pro Fitted men’s gym tank top. This athletic top is awfully lightweight and the fabric is highly breathable (giving the free flow of air) that allows cooling and evaporation of excessive sweat. Also, the tank comes with an extended back hem to prevent ride-up while bending, running, bodybuilding, or jumping. The reflective design imprinted on the tank makes it highly visible during dark light. You can find this workout top in steel grey, military green, and black color. No other men’s workout top has that many qualities at such an affordable price.

3.  Born Tough Men Air Pro Short Sleeves Fitted Gym Workout Tee:

Born Tough Men Air Pro Short Sleeves Fitted Tee

This remarkably lightweight short sleeves workout shirt for men is an incredibly smart fitting tank that is perfect for every physical activity. The tee is constructed from Air-pro fabric which has the qualities of sweat-wicking, breathability, and 4-way stretching for demanding workouts. To save the shirt from getting a ride up while doing physical activities like stretching, bodybuilding, jumping, running, and squatting, it is designed with an extended back hem. The tee comes in three different colors, you can choose the one that suits your taste. Moreover, the men’s gym workout shirt comes with a reflective logo and back print for improved visibility at night.

4.  Born Tough Men Momentum Workout Tracksuit Hoodie:

Born Tough Men Momentum Tracksuit Hoodie

This comfortably fit hoodie is the part of Born Tough’ Momentum Track Suit. The men’s workout hoodie is designed from Momentum fabric which is extraordinarily lightweight and terrifically breathable. Furthermore, the hoodie is available in two-toned design and slim fitment. For keeping your mobile phone and other items safe, this men’s gym shirt comes with zippered slit pockets. The Momentum fabric (92% Polyester 8% Spandex) is a 4-way stretchable that allows you to do extreme stretching without worrying about the hoodie getting ride up. Also, this long sleeve hoodie is within the grasp of all the fitness enthusiasts because of its low price.

5.  Born Tough Mock Neck Long Sleeve Compression Gym Shirt for Men:

Born Tough Mock Neck Long Sleeve Compression Shirt for Men

If you want to buy a full sleeve workout top for your fitness routine, go for this high-performance and elegant fitting workout top designed by Born Tough. This men’s gym shirt is exceptionally lightweight and highly stretchable that allows you to perform strenuous workouts. Additionally, the men’s workout top comes with an extended curved hem for mitigating shirt pull when doing an intense workout. To enhance the visibility of the tee, a reflective design near the waist and visible logo on the mock neck is printed. This shirt is available in two colors; white and black. Choose the one that suits your taste.

6.  Born Tough Air Pro Sleeveless Fitted Athletic Tee Shirt For Men:

Born Tough Air Pro Sleeveless Shirt

This men’s sleeveless gym shirt is extremely light-weight. The fabric (Airpro fabric) which is used to design this shirt is highly breathable and sweat-wicking. The 4-way stretchability of this shirt gives you freedom of movement when doing some rigorous workouts. Also, there is an extended hem to mitigate shirt pull during strenuous training. To improve the visibility of the shirt in a bad light, there is a reflective logo on the front and visible design on the rear side. No other workout outfit is as affordable as this supreme quality tee. This sleeveless gym shirt for men is a must-have for summer/spring workouts.

7.  Born Tough Momentum Crew Neck Long Sleeve Workout Shirt For Men:

Born Tough Momentum Crew Neck Long Sleeve Shirt For Men

This full sleeve men’s workout shirt is the best of its kind. The fabric (momentum fabric) used in constructing this tee is eminently soft, stretchable, and breathable. These qualities give you full freedom of movement while stretching and jumping besides keeping the comfort level up to the mark. Moreover, this easily affordable men’s gym shirt has a curved hem with a slightly longer front and back, giving it an aesthetic look. The Flatlock seams are used to ensure durability under stress as well as making the shirt soft throughout, even at the seems. Furthermore, there is a 3M Reflective Logo Detailing and Elevated design to enhance the visibility of the shirt. The shirt comes in three colors; black, military green, and steel grey. You can choose anyone you like for your workout outfit.

8.  Born Tough Mock Neck Short Sleeve Compression Workout Shirt for Men:

Born Tough Mock Neck Short Sleeve Compression Shirt for Men

This mock neck half sleeve gym shirt for men is a pepped-up workout top. The tee is constructed from a signature compression specific blend of fabrics. This best quality gym top is form-fitting and 4-way stretchable that facilitates movements during intense training. The extended curved hem of this top mitigates shirt pull when doing rigorous training. This affordable men’s gym shirt has a reflective design near the waist and a visible logo on the mock neck to tweak the visibility of a person wearing it. You can find more variety of workout shirts for men here.

If you want to learn more about why sportswear is important for working out and some guidelines about the selection of the right outfit.







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