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8 Best Ways to Balance motherhood with fitness

8 Best Ways to Balance motherhood with fitness

Working moms struggle with time more than any other person does. From getting the kids ready for school or day care to making sure they are safe and sound, every passing hour seems to be given to your children. Between caring for kids, office, home chores, and other day-to-day activities, it seems nearly impossible for moms to get some time for a workout.

But you are not the only working mother who struggles to find time for some exercise. It’s completely normal to forget about yourself, whether it’s your physical health or mental health that’s facing the consequences.

Almost every mother can do with some level of physical workouts in their lives. If you are also a working mom who struggles to get fitness in her daily schedule, you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the best ways mothers can bring in fitness into their lives:

1. Prioritize Your Fitness

Ask yourself a question: is fitness really your top priority?

There is a big difference between thinking about doing something and actually making it a priority. When something is not your priority, you will always make excuses not to do it. You should include fitness in your must-to-do list because if you are not taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of your family. So, make the decision to set aside 10-30 minutes for a bike workout on a daily basis.

2. Bring your Gym Home

Cannot find time to go to the gym? No problem, just suit up in comfy gym wear and bring in a yoga mat with a pair of dumbbells. You could even get yourself a treadmill if you can’t go out for a jog but have space and budget to spare. This seems to be a steep investment, but its cost will be the same as your yearly gym membership. This will at least give you peace of mind that you can do your workout at any time. Besides, a 20-minute treadmill workout can do wonders for your health.

3. Schedule Workouts but Embrace Flexibility

Even if you are a working mom, you should schedule your workout time in the morning to achieve your fitness goal. However, life is full of surprises and you should be ready to be flexible when required. If you are unable to do your regular morning workout, schedule it for the evening. Remember, the real purpose is to get fit, not fatigued.

4. Make Exercise a Family Event

Understandably, it’s hard to find alone time as a parent. But lacking it doesn’t mean you compromise on your health. Learn to accept the time you have and make the most of it. You can also include your kids in your training sessions, making it a family activity. Let’s say if you are going for a jog, and your little toddler is not letting you go. Instead of spoiling your run, make it sweeter by taking them along with you on a running stroller.

5. Get Yourself and Your Family on A Healthy Diet Plan

One more difficulty moms face during motherhood is getting a healthy diet. Many people associate eating clean with eating healthy. NO, it’s not like this. Having a healthy diet means eating food that is low in fats, low in calories, along with eating clean. You should give your family a meal that includes lean protein, low glycaemic carbohydrates, whole grains, healthy fats, veggies, and fruits.

6. Set Goals and Measure Your Progress

There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing your success. It’s easy to say that you are focused on your health. The only way to measure is by making yourself accountable. This will also help you stay motivated. So, if you want to feel this happiness, set a realistic goal for your workout and then measure it. Keep transforming your goals and use a notebook or a fitness app to keep a track of your progress.

7. Accept You Can Still Live a Life

Perusing fitness in motherhood is not selfishness, it is one of the most important, selfless gifts you can give to yourself. Women just can’t help people judging their choices. The key here is to ignore it all and believe that you are doing everything you can. You need to accept that you still have a life. And you too need some time to refresh.

8. Avoid the Super-Mom Approach

Forget about being a super-mom, instead work on being the super version of yourself. Motherhood is a gift and we should celebrate it. But it’s not everything... You still can follow your dreams and achieve your fitness goals.

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