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Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat and How You Can Change It

Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat and How You Can Change It

Almost all things are based on facts and figures. These facts and figures are the representation of the problem which one is currently facing. Either you are finding difficulty in losing belly fat or you have lost a little weight and now it has stopped and not dropping down anymore. However, this situation is known as a plateau and in the context of weight loss, you are having a weight loss plateau.

This means your process of losing weight has been terminated. This happens due to multiple factors which are knowingly or unknowingly performed. In this article, our main focus should be why you’re not losing belly fat and how you can change it. Below are listed down some of the most common reasons for weight loss plateau.

You’re into the Wrong Foods

Certain foods serve certain purposes, seems like a myth but it’s not, not completely at least. Certainly, unhealthy food is the biggest driver of the big bellies. Though it contains too many starchy carbohydrates and bad fats are a recipe for that expanded midsection.

Instead, get a handful of veggies, choose lean proteins and avoid fatty red meats. Prioritize healthier fats instead like fish, avocados, and nuts. Moreover, a moderate cut back on carbs including pasta, grains, and sugars can also help in losing your belly fat. 

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Excessively Drinking Sports and Energy Drinks

You might have not noticed but it is clearly labelled on sports drinks that they have a lot of sugar. Sugar is directly proportional to excessive calories. So, drinking sports drinks can also bring calories.

Beware of the habit of drinking too much sports and energy drinks. Because drinking too many of these will set you up for weight gain that might end around your beltline. To lose belly fat and keep your body in shape, cut off on high-calorie, sugary drinks including energy drinks and non-diet sodas, too.

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Suffering from Stress

Your mind is what controls each and every function of your body. Everything is a mess If it is not working properly. However, when you are under stress your body releases a cortisol hormone. When it goes through your body, fat takes place in your belly.

The best way to overcome stress is to talk to your doctor. Find a way to handle your stress. Doing exercise is one of the best ways to overcome it. Born Tough will help you with some simple self-care tips and tricks to find out the best way to ease your life.

Moreover, do yoga, as well as put together a good support system. You should talk to a mental health professional if you feel the need for it.

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Not Enough Exercise

Another reason for the weight loss plateau could be that you are not exercising enough. Nobody ever said that burning belly fat is ever going to be easy, notably. If there is anything easy, that is gaining belly fat, sarcastic.

However, if you are not maintaining the system of calories intake and burning, it is hard to get rid of belly fat. To cut off your belly fat, you need to stay in calorie deficit mode. Eat less and burn more, so do not get satisfied until you reach your goals for the day’s calorie burn.

Though, if your gut is stretching the measuring tape too much – for men, that's more than 40 inches around the waist, or for women, it is 35. At this stage, you need a moderate physical workout routine or activity like walking (150 minutes a week), or running (75 minutes a week), and strength training twice a week. Pay a visit to your doctor before getting into any type of workout routine.

Excessive and Unhealthy Eating Habit

Either you take one high-calorie meal like burgers and junk food, or you take three meals a day full of fats and unhealthy carbs. Both the ways are destructive and the reason you are not burning your belly fat.

Getting too much just into the food never helps lower the fat under your abdominal muscles. Eating too much promotes visceral fat in your body that can cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes more likely. Moreover, it can also lead you to high blood pressure and more and excessive eating is at least partly to blame for that flab.

For goodness sake, limit your portions and divide your big meals into 5 small meals to take throughout the day. 

You’re Doing the Wrong Exercises

Working out for a purpose requires a specific exercise to hit that particular group of muscles. Similarly, to get rid of belly fat you need to target your abdominal muscle group. Moreover, performing a single exercise like sit-ups is enough. Imply a variation of multiple exercises that work out your abdomen to cut off the fat.

Along with the cardio workouts for weight loss, incorporate weight training to build muscle. Building more muscle means more calorie burning.

However, if you are lazy enough to choose only one exercise to burn your belly fat, pick an aerobic exercise like walking and running. If performing with consistency and determination as a routine activity, aerobic exercises work best for burning fat.  

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough water can help you lose weight. Choosing water over sweetened drinks means fewer calories. They can help you keep your belly straight. It is undeniably the only fluid or beverage that can hydrate without adding sugars and other compounds.

Your Fiber and Protein Intake isn’t Enough

Workout is a process of breaking muscles by putting stress on them. After recovery, your muscles grow stronger and bigger than before. But they need a suitable quantity of fiber and protein to make the recovery successful.

If you are not taking enough fiber and protein, your process of losing belly fat will become slower. You will feel low and skip your workout sessions more likely.

It is essential to stay motivated and feel full to get rid of extra body fat, and taking enough fiber and protein helps you with that.

Processed Foods

Food helps a lot and plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and fit. However, processed and stock foods are less beneficial than fresh and whole-grain foods. Taking processed food isn't able to fulfil your body's needs and requirements. They are low in everything and sometimes become a bone in the throat.

Always choose fresh and whole-grain foods over processed foods to stimulate the process of burning fat.

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You’re Not Taking Enough Sleep

As mentioned above in this article, muscle recovery is a complete process based upon many things. Getting enough sleep is one of them. If you are not taking enough sleep, you are jump-starting your stress hormones which are responsible for an increase in body fat.

You can learn good sleep-time habits, like:

  • Turn off your gadgets
  • Go to bed at the same time each night
  • Controlling your food and alcohol intakes before bed
  • Get your exercise (promotes a good sleeping habit)

You’re Not Active Enough

What’s stopping you from performing your workout? There is none but you. Always keep yourself boosted up and try not to miss even a single workout session. Indeed, the atmosphere puts a certain impact on mood externally, but getting yourself up forcefully is the attribute of a good athlete.

Try not to skip your workout sessions because of circumstantial issues and impacts. If you are not capable of reaching your gym because of heavy rain outside, you can work out at home. By doing this you will cover up the gap and never miss your workout session. It is crucial to stay motivated and connected to your goal to reach your destiny that in this case is losing your belly fat.

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