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Best Leg Workouts for Men: Look Great in Shorts

Best Leg Workouts for Men: Look Great in Shorts

We get it, summer is around the corner and you want to build that perfect summer body. You might have a ripped upper body but the summer look is incomplete without some funky shorts. But to wear shorts and kill that look you need to have strong legs. You could even wear shorts with those chicken legs but won’t be able to carry this style with confidence. You wouldn’t want to go on the beach wearing jeans or lose trousers to hide your legs. That’s why we have brought you this best leg work out for men so you can look great in shorts.

What Do Men Want from Their Leg Workout?

There might be only a little difference between leg workouts for men and women because both of them perform almost the same exercises. But how men want to build their legs may vary from what women want from their leg day. For men, it’s all about being ripped and massive. You would have always wished for growing those big thighs with veins popping out from your quads. If you want to build those dream legs then you can’t just hit the gym and start doing leg presses or heavy squats, you need to plan a strategy in the first place.

Goal 1: Increase in Leg Mass

The first goal of every man who has slim legs is to increase their muscle mass. Most bodybuilders face the problem that their legs don’t compliment their upper body. The reason behind this problem is that most people are more likely to skip a leg day because of the prolonged recovery period after training their legs.

Legs are the biggest muscles of your body to increase their muscle mass, you must be able to train them till they are fully exhausted. To exhaust your legs, you will have to push some serious weights. As the leg muscles are the biggest so they can’t be stimulated effectively if you are lifting light or medium weights then it won’t be beneficial.

Goal 2: Getting defined legs

You wouldn’t want to have massive fat legs with no muscular definition. Your legs lack muscular definition when there are a large number of fat cells stored in them. The major reason for not getting defined legs is that you are not sticking to a clean diet. When you eat more than your maintenance calories then it is stored in your body as fat. So, the first thing you should change for getting those defined legs is your diet so you cut down your overall body fat percentage.

The next big thing that you should be toning your legs is hitting your thigh from different angles. Hitting from different angles means that you are engaging all the muscle groups of your legs in your workout.

Goal 3: Building Endurance

Legs are the wheels for your body, they carry the weight of your whole body so you can imagine the importance of endurance for legs. You can build endurance in the legs just by regular strength training but, to get maximum benefits you need to incorporate running and cycling in your training regimen.

As endurance is your muscles’ ability to repeatedly perform a task, you can increase reps to add volume to your training. It will help you to build endurance in the long run. Doing circuit training can also be beneficial for building endurance as switching continuously from one exercise to the next causes your muscles to work on repeat.

How To Achieve These Goals

As we have discussed what goals men want to achieve from their leg workouts, the next point is to know how these goals can be achieved. For this, we have designed an effective leg workout plan to help you get those shredded legs.

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