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Great Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Great Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

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Runners have high hopes and big dreams. Breaking their personal best, tackling a new distance, or losing some weight for the upcoming championship - they accept all the challenges.

We know what are the benefits of running and how it leaves positive impacts on our body and mind. But still, we find excuses and give ourselves justifications for not for a run.

There are a large number of highly motivated runners out there. If they could maintain the habit of running daily, then we should take a deep look into our lives to find out where we are lacking. 

Here we will have a look into the habits of motivated runners, and learn from where to start if you want to maintain the habit of running.

Importance of Habit Over Motivation

important in life if you wish to achieve the best out of your life. But what if we tell you that there is something more helpful for succeeding in life and getting what you dream of?

The answer to this is positive habits. As the dictionary says habits are routine behaviors that are repeated regularly and can occur subconsciously.

Don’t Wait to Be Motivated

Be Motivated for running

There is no doubt that knowing why you have to do something, what is the reason behind doing it and why it’s important for you can help you effectively in doing something the right way.

Motivation can play a good role in increasing your productivity, which can become a powerful weapon for athletes and entrepreneurs all over the world.

But, at the same time motivation can also play harmful impacts on productivity as it is not possible to always be motivated.

Don’t get this wrong, we are not saying that motivation is something bad. Motivation is a great tool for success and can prove wonders.

Habits can however be a powerful motivator. It’s not possible to keep up your willpower for an increased length of time.

The Habit Cue

dumbbells' and kettlebell

You can work out for a while until you have high willpower attained from motivation. But, what will happen when we run out of willpower? No level of motivation could push you to exercise after that.

That’s where habits take over. Habits don’t require motivation, if you are habitual of doing something you will keep doing it without even thinking of it.

Imagine that you have a habit of drinking water as you wake up. So, you don’t think at night that you have to get up and drink water in the morning. Even when you get up, you just drink a glass of water without any thoughts.

On the contrary, if you are not habitual of drinking water in the morning you will have to focus, think, and remember to drink water as you get up.

Habits are the biggest motivators for making you do something. If you adopt positive habits in your life then there is no doubt that you could live a successful life.

Some Habits of Motivated Runners

 Runners are constantly seeking new endeavors and trying out new adventures in their life. Finding out motivation to go for a run is never a problem for professional runners.

Let’s have a look at the routine habits of runners.

Being Competitive

Runners Starting Point in competition

You don’t need to be trying to become better than someone or training hard to beat them.  Competitions can also be constructive, forcing you to become a better version of yourself.

Having a competitive nature stops you from settling on your past achievements, and motivates you for continuous improvements, it requires focusing on your strengths and weaknesses. When you focus on your weaknesses, you will identify room for improvements easily.


Muscle Strengthening

Muscle Strengthening

 If you are not in a good condition physically then you wouldn’t even think about going on a run.

A strong body helps you in performing activities that require a large amount of power without feeling fatigued.

Some of the strength exercises that runner perform in routine are:

  • Push-ups and Pull-ups

  • Squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Triceps dips

  • Calf raises

Strength training is a habit of runners because it reduces the risk of injury, corrects the muscle imbalances in the body, and improves coordination.

Strength training also develops mobility of joints and healthy bones. Due to this, neuromuscular coordination is increased that helps in running faster.

Running in Athletic Wear

Running in Athletic Wear

Have you ever experienced an instant boost in your confidence when you wear something graceful?

That’s why runners have a habit of running in some great athletic outfits. When you try out some great workout clothes, you will be more inclined towards being active and motivated.


Researchers have also found out that designs and colors have different impacts on your mind.


What you wear to go for a run can give you a mental boost that is much needed to push yourself in giving your best.

That’s the reason you will never see runners in loose trousers or uneasy clothes. They have a habit of always training in athletic wear.


Getting Right Amount of Sleep

Getting Right Amount of Sleep

 Most of the runners have a habit of going for a run early in the morning. To go for an early morning run, you have to get the right amount of sleep.


If the required sleep is not fulfilled, then there is nothing that could help a runner to get up early. That’s why they have a habit of taking the required amount of rest.


There are a variety of reasons why people want to start their day with a morning run. It is because the weather is good in the morning, morning workouts provide a boost of energy to kickstart your day.


Running in the morning also helps in getting a deep night’s sleep. If you want to adopt this habit, it is recommended to have a light meal after getting out of bed. You should never go for a run on an empty stomach.

If you face problems in falling asleep early then take try these tips

  • Stop the use of mobile phones before going into bed, the blue light emitted by the screen prevents the production of melatonin (sleep hormone).

  • Take small steps, decide the time you need to be sleeping, and then make a plan for the month. Try going to bed 15 min earlier every night.

  • Don’t take caffeine at least 3 hours before your bedtime. It can decrease the restfulness of your sleep.

  • Don’t put more than one alarm for getting up, it will only disrupt your sleep. Just use one alarm, it will be easier for you to get up.


Eating Nutritious Diet

Eating Nutritious Diet

 Sticking to a highly nutritious diet is very important for all athletes and especially runners. Runners need high levels of energy to push them to run for miles.

Good nutrition can significantly increase the performance of runners. Due, to this they always stick with a healthy diet comprising of essential vitamins, proteins, and unrefined carbohydrates. 

If you want to have a look at some healthy diet plans and foods to help you develop a good physical condition then click here.

If you are working hard and not taking proper rest or following a nutritious diet then you won’t be having any benefits.

This would only lead to injuries and muscle exhaustion. So, you must adopt the habit of eating healthy and nutritious food.

Different Running Routes

Different Running Routes

 It is a common habit among all runners that they keep varying their running route regularly. It has a lot of reasons and benefits.

Prevents mental burnouts

Prevents mental burnouts

    When you take the same route for running daily, after some time you will be bored. By varying the running route, you find a way to keep your training interesting.

    Taking up different running routes will make training more exciting. You will increase the level of motivation when you change the scenery regularly.

    Develops endurance

    Develops endurance

    Running on different surfaces will help in developing muscle endurance over time. Running is a high-impact sport, if you run on softer surfaces then you don’t have to worry much.

    But, for running on-road, you need to have high endurance. Choosing different running paths can help you become less prone to injuries.

    Especially if you want to train for a road marathon then you need to change your running surface after every 2 weeks. It will help you in reduces stress on the body and building endurance.

    Feeling the Runners High

    Feeling the Runners High

    Scientists have found that a runner’s high is not a myth, it’s a real thing. It is just a state of Euphoria, a deeply relaxing state of mind and body.

    It’s a feeling that every runner wants to experience and often after a good run of 2 hours you achieve this deeply relaxing state.

    The runner’s high could also be a good motivator if you get a habit of experiencing this state regularly.

    Although, endorphins are responsible for the short period of joy when you start running. But runner’s high is a feeling due to endocannabinoids.

     It’s a chemical substance that has effects similar to cannabis but is naturally produced by the body.

    Endocannabinoids have a lot of health benefits such as reduced anxiety, better metabolism, growth, and development.

    Being Active in Daily Life

    Running on Winter snow

    Even when not on the track, runners have a habit of being active throughout the day. Even they have to sit down on a chair and work for hours.

    But they take a rest after every 2 hours and walk for a few minutes.  You can also install a fitness tracker on your phone to remind you to move.

    Some of the runners even use a standing desk for doing their work. Sitting for long hours can make you lazy even if you are exercising regularly.


    Motivation can push you to do something for a time. Habits on the other hand can be your biggest motivators.

    If you adopt some positive habits in your life then you won’t be finding the motivation to do something beneficial.

    By adopting some of these habits of motivated runners, you could also become a regular runner over time.

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