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Top 30 Belly Fat Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss in 2022

Top 30 Belly Fat Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss in 2022

What Are Cardio Workouts?

Cardio refers to your heart. Any exercise that accelerates your heart rate and gets your blood pumping will eventually mean you’re breathing faster.

The fact that these exercises get you breathing is the reason why they’re referred to as aerobic exercises.

This breathing will help your body burn more calories and deposits of fats stored in your body.

The more calories you burn, the more weight you’ll lose. To find out more weight loss works, read here.

How Important Are Cardio Workouts?

How Important are Cardio Works

As per the AHA, every adult needs to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio or 75 minutes of highly intense cardio per week.

Dr. Rachel Judith Bretland and Dr. Einar Baldvin Thorsteinsson conducted research on cardiovascular exercises in Australia.

They set out to prove that cardio exercises can reduce the $300billion+ global burden of burnout costs.

The research experiment involved 49 participants (36 f, 13 m) ranging from ages 19-68 who completed a four-week cardio workout program.

To summarize, the results showed that all individuals had a greater sense of positive well-being and felt personal accomplishment.

This also helped in reducing their overall psychological distress as well as their perceived stress, thereby helping reduce emotional exhaustion.

Although resistance training proved more important in inducing a sense of achievement in every individual, cardio definitely helped keep their metabolism and psychological state stable and healthy.

Top 30 Belly Fat Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss in 2022!

It’s 2022! And not being aware of all the best cardio workouts for weight loss this year is not an excuse.

Get yourself gym shorts, runner jackets, or whatever you need to feel geared up and motivated.

Because these exercises will definitely help you achieve whatever weight loss goal you have:

1. Ellipticals


Running on an elliptical machine can be equivalent to jogging on a hill since it provides an inclined surface.

Even experts would recommend using ellipticals rather than an actual hilly surface.

This is because elliptical machines reduce the impact suffered by a person’s joints due to the surface.

The fact that it doesn’t cause lasting pain in your heels or put you at risk of spraining your ankle should be enough to consider elliptical machines.

2. Burpees


There’s a lot that can be said about the effectiveness of burpees.

On top of the fact that it’s one of the top-do it anywhere exercises, burpees are also very scalable exercises.

This is why no matter how strong your workout gets, there can always be variations in burpees along with certain additions and mixings to try out.

You can rest assured that burpee workouts can focus on almost any muscle in your body.

3. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Rope Jumping is easy as well as very simple.

Although beginners might find it frustrating, regulars and professionals will recognize the potential this amazing exercise has.

Not only does it work your heart rate up but it also works on your core and legs, strengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility.

There’s a reason why almost every athlete in every sport includes jumping ropes in their workout regimen.

Whether you’re exercising to lose belly fat or looking for cardio workouts to warm up or retain fitness routines, use a jump rope.

You’ll eventually witness the results you’ll appreciate the workout for later.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Taught to us since childhood, jumping jacks is one of the most basic exercises that involve jumping in the air with your hands and legs stretched to their max.

This exercise induces cardio while also initiating a significant amount of calorie burnout that can be increased by adding more workouts to your belly fat routines.

5. Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps involve getting down in a squat position before exploding into the air to slap your knees with your hands.

This is not an ordinary exercise. While it may sound simple and easy, it can take a lot of energy.

That is why it is recommended to start off easy without going for a higher number of reps and sets in the initial stages.

6. Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

Although it’s present in gyms mostly, you can get an exercise bike for your home workouts as well.

These bikes prove very beneficial for stimulating a constant cycling muscle movement.

Unlike real-life scenarios, you can go at uniform speeds for substantial durations.

Moreover, the risk of injuring yourself is minimized when you’re using a stationary bike to exercise.

Not only will this cardio workout for weight loss get your heartbeat running, but it will also add tremendous strength, endurance and flexibility to your legs.

7. Treadmill


Treadmills can easily help you achieve the ‘run around the block’ goal a few times a day.

Mostly recommended for the reduced pressure on our feet and soles, treadmills can help you greatly increase stamina with visible results.

Especially in the pandemic, getting a treadmill has been one of the best decisions many fitness enthusiasts have made.

The ability to control the pace at which you’re working out can prove influential in scaling the potential of the workout.

8. Stair Climber

Stairs Climber

By running the stairs, you add the resistance exerted by gravity to the overall potential of your running movement.

Though, actually running the stairs can prove significantly risky. This is where a stair climber machine proves effective.

These machines allow you to achieve the utmost potential of your workout by reducing the impact your knees, feet and soles feel when striking against the elevated surface.

Moreover, since there is no change in height, you don’t put yourself at risk either.

9. Swimming


Swimming is undoubtedly one of the most efficient exercises in the world that targets all the major muscle groups in your body.

Whether you have access to a pool or you’re going for air swimming, it’s best that you gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts.

You’ll eventually increase the number of calories you burn even at rest after your workouts.

10. Jogging in Place

Jogging in Place

Jogging in place is a simple exercise that doesn’t require that much flexibility.

People facing problems like obesity or running risks of minor injuries often find themselves unable to do workouts like high-knees, etc.

This is where you lower the intensity without compromising on the quality of the workout by jogging in place.

Though you might require more reps, this will be fairly easier and more achievable in terms of your weight loss goals.

11. Kickboxing

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing can help you raise your heartbeat and strengthen your glutes as well if you commit yourself to the poses.

Though the workout will involve moves meant to cause damage, you will be learning them to reap the calorie-burning benefits.

That’s why doing it hard and strong shouldn’t be your focus.

Rather, achieving more quantity with quality results would be a much better goal to pay attention towards.

12. Dancing


Dancing is one of the oldest forms of cardio workouts that exist.

One of the reasons it persists as a trustworthy exercise for belly fat is because it’s fun.

While most people dance for fun, others can use it to lose weight as well.

Engaging in a rhythmic movement that involves multiple muscle groups will eventually initiate a calorie burnout that will help your overall weight loss goals.

13. High Knees

High Knees

High knees are best done in HIIT circuits to ensure that your core and legs get the best of it.

The exercise involves lifting your knees up as close to your chest as you can from a standing position.

In an intense interval circuit, you’ll be doing it at a fast pace non-stop for a minute before taking some rest.

14. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber

To do mountain climbers, get down on your feet and hands.

Push your hips upwards so as to allow your legs to stretch all the way behind you.

Now, without moving the other, take one leg and bring the knee up to your chest.

During this time, your body will be balanced on your hands and your feet.

Now, in one jump, switch the position of your left and right leg.

Repeat the process as many times as you need to complete a set.

15. Lunges 


Lunges are effective cardio any time of the day.

Though mostly used as part of warm-up routines, lunges have their share of benefits for the legs, core, heart and overall body fat.

When it comes to jumping lunges, you’re increasing the intensity of the workout.

Instead of going back to the original standing position as you would in a simple lunge, you would jump into the air and switch your legs.

Be careful to not hit your knee to the ground too hard. Control your fall with your feet.

16. Sprints


Running around the block isn’t a bad option after all. But sprinting is different from simple running.

You don’t sprint for even half as long as you run. It takes all the breath out of you, just as it’s supposed to.

That’s why you try to mix it with running or run courses in highly intense interval training sessions.

When it comes to sprints, it’s important that you prioritize rest and recovery.

17. Inchworms


To do an inchworm, keep your feet close together and bend over to put your hands almost flat down next to your feet. (or as close as you can in the same direction)

Now, like an animal with legs taking small steps, imitate the movement with your hands and move forward, slowly setting down for a push-up position.

Dip down and out without touching the ground, only to go back the same way as you came forward.

Perfect to gain flexibility, inchworms can be extremely painful for first-timers, especially if they try to put their hands next to their feet.

However, that is exactly what you’ll slowly work towards relieving.

This pain you’ll feel will eventually go away as your muscles get used to the stretch and movement.

The effect of the workout will be achieved as you breathe and produce more energy by burning the calories inside.

18. Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is essential for almost every regimen. Unfortunately, it’s not really something everyone can have at home.

But that doesn’t mean only gym-goers can have access to it.

While it puts the focus on your lower body muscles like the quads and glutes, it also works your upper body muscles such as deltoids and lats.

In addition to this, your abdominal muscles also get worked out when you complete a few sets on the rowing machine.

19. Tap-Ups


Tap-ups are a more effective addition to a push-up as they involve staying in a fixed position and balancing your entire weight on one hand while you tap your shoulder with the other.

This exercise effectively builds up an increased heart rate that results in an increased calorie burnout.

20. Hip Thrust

Hip Thrusts

The hip thrust is an exercise that focuses on your glutes and requires a lot of endurance.

You start by taking a bench and easing up your back against it while spreading your arms across it.

Now you push your hips upwards without lifting your back and arms off the bench.

Go as far up as you can and slowly come back down. Repeat the process a few times until you get tired.

21. Pike Plank

Pike Plank

Pike planks are also going to work your glutes while elevating your heartbeat and producing more calorie burnouts.

This exercise involves putting your elbows down to the ground and getting in a plank position.

After that, you lift your hips up as high as they can go while you balance yourself on your toes.

Stay in that position for a while before coming back to the plank.

22. Laterals


Laterals are easy-to-do exercises that involve making quick movements to the left and right to get yourself warmed up.

Start by bending in a squat position while taking two steps to the right and then coming back the same way.

Next, do the same and go to the other side and come back in the middle.

You can make the workout session more intense if you increase the speed and pace of the exercise.

23. Plank Jack

Plank Jack

A plank jack gets your lower and upper body worked up while focusing on your core.

Like all plank exercises, the plank jack will also pump up your heart rate and increase the rate at which your body is burning calories and carbs.

To do a plank jack, start by getting into a plank position.

Rise up while straightening out your arms and balancing yourself in a push-up position.

After that, separate your legs and bring them back together in small jumps like you would in a normal jumping jack.

Repeat the process of separating your legs and bringing them back together again before getting back up on your feet.

24. Tuck Jump

Tuck Jumps

A tuck jump involves exploding into the air while bringing your knees close to your chest.

The point of a tuck jump is to get in a squat position mid-air that enables you to touch your feet with your hands.

This exercise should be tried slowly as not everyone can get the hang of it the first time.

Make sure that you’re good on your landing before you go in for another jump.

25. Plank Get-Up

Plank Get Up

A plank get-up and get-down exercise is simple.

All you have to do is switch between a starting push-up position and a plank.

While on your elbows for the plank, raise your elbows and stabilize yourself on your hands like you would in a push-up.

Switch to the plank after a few moments of holding that position again.

Repeat the process as many times as required by your regimen.

26. Power Walking

Power Walking

Power walking is a very common exercise that most of us know.

What we probably don’t know is that it’s one of the most effective cardio exercises you can engage in.

Walking is an aerobic activity. This means that your efforts help you raise your heartbeat while also burning extra calories.

27. Boxing


The footwork involved in boxing as well as the upper body movement allows you to have an elevated heart rate.

Though it’s mostly used for training, one can imitate the same movement with more intensity regardless of where they are.

All you have to do is make sure that your feet are in place and start imitating the moves of a boxer.

You will need to straighten out your punches as well as your entire posture to make sure that you’re doing it right.

28. Trampoline


A trampoline can help you work on your sides, making it an effective side fat exercise.

You don’t need a huge trampoline to work on your core and heart rate.

The trampoline surface provides a comfortable low-impact workout session that improves your strength, heart health as well as stability.

29. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Mixing adrenaline with adventure along with a killer workout session is possible if you go rock climbing.

Rock climbing includes a series of workouts that all involve imitating movements that are only possible when you’re climbing a mountain.

You can either go for a rock-climbing session or you can engage in workouts like textbook hold, door frame pull-ups, single-leg toe touches, etc. at home as well.

30. Split Jumps

Split Jumps

This is an exercise that is similar to jumping lunges except that your knee doesn’t go down all the way.

A split jump requires you to jump in the air and switch your legs to get down in a lunge position.

Make sure that your hands come up whenever you come down for a lunge and go back when you jump.

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