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What is the best time to do HIIT for weight loss?

What is the best time to do HIIT for weight loss?

Impacts of time in maximizing the benefits of HIIT 

People are often confused that at what time of the day they should be performing HIIT for getting the most out of their workout. It is also commonly heard that you should not care about what time of the day you are hitting the gym.

Whenever you find time from the busy daily routine, just put on your performing workout gear, hit your gym and get ready for a killer workout.

But there is no doubt that the best time to do HIIT for weight loss is in the morning. There are a variety of reasons justifying this fact which will be discussed here.

In the morning our body is naturally in a fat-burning zone. Throughout the day the different meals we take help us in moving and doing work.

The scientific reason behind this is that when we take any meal we get calories and while performing any work these calories are burned to provide energy.

On the contrary, in the morning our body is naturally in a fasted state and during this time when we perform HIIT, the body burns fat cells to provide energy.

Researchers have shown that performing HIIT when you have an empty stomach is 20 times more effective in burning fat cells from your body rather than having a light meal before a workout. 

If you have been working out in the afternoon or night, you might have faced many distractions.

You might be thinking about the things you did since morning, it’s quite easy for you to skip the HIIT and have a good time hanging out with your friends.

Even if you are motivated enough for getting in shape and arrive at the gym, you will feel that this place is just too crowded and noisy for a person like me.

To avoid these problems hitting HIIT in the morning is the only option. You don’t have any distractions in the morning, when you wake up early with only one motive of doing a workout then you put your blood and sweat in it and stay fully focused while performing HIIT. 

Benefits of HIIT in the Morning

  • Starting your day with HIIT can help you in feeling happier and more optimistic. Science has proven the reason behind this which is that breaking an early morning sweat releases endorphins and dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for improving your mood and help your deal with stress, now you could imagine how good it would be to step into your office free from any kind of built-up stress and tensions.

  • HIIT in the morning will reduce the stress hormones in your body which helps in relieving tension and relaxing your muscles. The psychological reason behind this is that you will feel happier knowing that you started your day with positivity and did something beneficial for your health. 

  • In the morning you wake up with the energy and testosterone levels at the peak. This compliments your HIIT performance and you perform your training with an increased level of motivation. On the contrary, if you are working out at night then the energy levels are minimized as you have already utilized it throughout the day.  Testosterone is the hormone that helps in the building of muscles and enhances the fat-burning process. These hormone levels are maximized in the morning it is because while you are asleep the production of testosterone is highest. 

  • Having a fast and efficient metabolism is a crucial need for burning fat faster and having a healthy body. Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy. It can also be said as the higher is your metabolism the faster your body will convert food into energy and you will burn more calories.

  • As in the morning, your stomach is empty, the food you ate last night is digested so automatically your metabolism is at peak during the morning time when you perform HIIT morning then it is evident that you burn more calories in the morning.

  • Muscle recovery is as important for having a healthy body as performing workouts. When you do HIIT your muscles get sore as the muscles fibers are damaged when this damage is treated with proper nutrition then the muscles start to develop.

There is a common myth that for losing fat, people follow hard and starving diet plans when you work out and don’t take the required nutrition according to the demand of your body then you will end up losing muscle mass.

The benefit for doing HIIT in the morning is that you will get a whole day for recovering muscles, you could fulfil your protein intake easily starting from breakfast to dinner. 

How to maintain a routine for morning HIIT?

Wearing great workout gear can have an impressive impact on the motivation level for a workout. The workout clothes can not only improve your performance while doing HIIT but they can also be a good motivator for exercising. So grab some pair of shortsjoggers, and tank tops so you can be ready for your morning HIIT in style.

Research performed by health line shows that 9 out of every 10 gym-goers feel more motivated and determined to break a sweat just by putting on some good workout gear.

So, treat yourself with some comfortable and modish workout clothes so it’s easier for you to get out of bed in the morning and hit the gym.

Don’t keep your alarm close to your bed

Don’t keep your alarm close to your bed; keep it at a distance where you have to walk to turn it off.

In this way you can’t simply turn it off and go back to sleep, you have to walk to turn it off this small effort can have a big impact as you could ditch the dizziness.

Also, make sure that you don’t use more than one alarm because it won’t help you in getting up early as you would tend to sleep till the last alarm turns off.

This would not only disturb your sleep schedule but will also spoil the motivation you have for going to the gym and doing HIIT. 

Find a workout buddy

Find a workout buddy, friends can make anything better. That is also the scenario when working out, doing HIIT with a group of friends can motivate you for getting up early and hitting the gym.

You and your buddy can encourage each other to try out new things for getting better results. You will enjoy your time at the gym and in the end, you will be determined to wake up in the morning and going for exercise.

Men Sleeping well

Sleep Well, We know that you might be very tired after a hectic day wants to sleep as soon as you arrive home at night, but make sure to set your clothes and gym bag out the night before.

It will save you a lot of time and you could sleep for those few precious extra minutes, keeping your gear in order and stocked by the door eliminates any excuses for not going for a HIIT session and also helps you stay organized. 


The best time to do HIIT for weight loss is in the morning. For doing any kind of exercise you need motivation and concentration. In the morning you are naturally motivated because you know that your reason for waking up is only doing HIIT.

This helps you in staying away from distractions and putting your blood and sweat into the exercise. The other best part that compliments doing HIIT in the morning is the fat-burning zone.

When you perform HIIT in the morning your body your stomach will be empty and so the body burns fat cells to give energy. Eventually, it will help you in losing weight faster.

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