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Key Techniques to Have a More Effective Run

Key Techniques to Have a More Effective Run

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To get better at running forget everything and just focus on your run maintaining your alignment. Every beginner is not perfect at running and you do not run a marathon on the first day. Paying attention to the techniques, keeping your alignment correct, and focusing on the run, will not only improve your performance but also reduces the risk of you having running problems or getting injured. Running the proper way reduces energy consumption helping you get stronger and running longer distances with power. The posture is an important factor but it should not be the focus while running in fact, check on it occasionally.

Toe Landing

Toe Landing

Most of the times runners have their toes pointed downwards, or land on their toes, which leads to injuries. Such injuries and mistakes can be avoided by trying to land on the balls of your feet which simply can be done by pulling your toes upwards. While you run try to keep the heel of your landing foot under the butt. If you place the feet the wrong way you can end up hurting yourself pretty bad. 

Wearing proper bottoms

Wearing proper bottoms

Wearing the right and comfortable bottoms are what most of us ignore. If your shorts, trousers or whatever is rubbing against the skin it could cause a rash and even muscle pain. On the other hand, if they are baggy you could not stretch the legs properly thus not running up to your maximum performance. Born Tough is the place to find and buy the best workout clothes whether it be running or gym. 

Try not to over-stride

Try not to overstride

When your feet land in front of your body, or beneath the hips then you are likely over striding. But you do not have to worry because there are ways to save yourself from that. Increasing the stride rate is a way to stop yourself from over striding and hurting the joints. Stride rate is how many times your feet hit the ground in one minute. A higher stride rate means shorter sprints and short steps and the result is no over striding. It is said that your ideal stride rate should be 90 for one foot and 180 for both.

Loosen up your arms and hands

Neither a tight fist no sharp straight fingers hands are recommended. Just keep them relaxed but not leave it like they are not a part of the body. Make a cup-like shape or half-closed fist. 

Keeping the upper body involved

Try to keep your head lifted from the body and little leaned forward away from the tailbone. Maintain a stretched and firm lower back keeping the upper back, shoulder, and pecks relaxed. We recommend keeping the abdominal muscles relaxed, while many say to keep it tight. If you are into different workouts then you can read about “how to choose the best bottoms for every type of workout”, it might be helpful in selecting the right one for yourself.

Proper shoulder position

The shoulders should not be leaning forward or too far back. The proper positioning can be achieved by making the chest little lifted and out, back tucked in a little. Keeping the elbow locked at a 45- or 90-degree angle, the arm movement should be from shoulders.

Heads up

Keep your eyes up, neither straight ahead nor at a 90-degree angle from the body. While doing so don’t let the head fall, keep it lifted like you are stretching upwards.

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