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What are Giant Sets? Top Giant Set Workouts for the Whole Body

What are Giant Sets? Top Giant Set Workouts for the Whole Body

What made you so mad that you have chosen this path of consistency and effort? Let me guess… you were bullied in high school and you pledged to build like a bull… frankly speaking.

Giant sets refer to the meaning in their name. These sets are pledged to make you look more muscular and giant by building your overall body muscles.

Although, this is a hard way to gain muscle but one of the most efficient and effective ways. As much as you will spend time doing giant sets you are going to love it and spend most of your time doing it.

Though, more like other sets, giant sets are also the quickest way to pump your muscles. So, if you do not contain enough time for corporate training, these giant sets would do all for you.

Let’s discuss more giant sets and discuss the training program.

What are Giant Sets and who introduced them?

If you are thinking of giant sets as heavier weight exercises, you are not right nor wrong. Because you choose a weight according to your wish.

Anyways, giant sets do not depend on weight, or repetitions are not specified. Giant sets are a high-intensity workout technique in which you perform four or more exercises for one muscle group consecutively.

These sets are different from orthodox training and there is no formal rest time included in giant set workouts. Though, these sets are identical to the basic superset, just with the addition of two more exercises.

However, these giant sets are very functional but there are some pros and cons that need to be kept in mind. Though, disadvantages are not major but factually picked to intimate you.


  • They intensely increase the total time under tension per set.

  • The fatigue and recruit more motor units because of the increased number of exercises.

  • Allow performing an extremely large volume of workouts in a relatively short period of time.


  • Giant sets are more sturdy than basic sets that make them difficult to recover from.

  • To perform Giant Set Workouts, you will need an empty or comparatively less rushy gym.

These are the factors that can be considered as pros and cons of giant sets and hopefully help you to make an effective start.

What are the Benefits of Giant Sets?

Benefit # 1:

One basic benefit of the giant set is, it induces a lot of stress on the muscle without occupying heavyweights. You can increase the weight density with the time passing but take a start with a lighter weight.

However, typical bodybuilding recommendations are that you have to go heavy and hard to grow muscles, specifically bigger muscle groups like the back and legs.

Benefit # 2:

Another advantage of this giant sets training program is, you can train a muscle group from different angles. These back-to-back giant sets supercharge the muscles, it increases the stress on the muscle that eventually helps them to grow bigger than before.

Giant sets are perfect to get you in shape and build muscles.

Benefit # 3:

Giant sets help athletes to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance. By that means, it helps to increase athletic performance and save time in the gymnasium.

If you have got only thirty minutes or so to spend in the gym, that’s the time when you can hit giant sets. Giant sets are highly effective in burning calories and building muscles.

1.     Giant Sets Training Program

There are multiple ways to perform giant sets. All you need to do is just to find a suitable giant set workout program. Whether you prefer upper body giant sets, lower body giant sets or full-body giant sets that’s up to you.

Though, the following are the giant sets program for the beginner to guide them and lead them to an effective workout.

Whole Body Giant Set

  • Leg Press (12 repetitions)

  • Lying Leg Curl (12 repetitions)

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (12 repetitions)

  • Bent-Over Barbell Row (12 repetitions)

  • Lateral Raise (12 repetitions)

  • Plank (45 seconds)

Upper Body Giant Set

  • Flat Dumbbell Bench Press (15 repetitions)

  • T-Bar Row (15 repetitions)

  • Rear Lateral Raise on a Bench (15 repetitions)

  • Preacher Curl (12 repetitions)

  • Rope Press-down (12 repetitions)

  • Dumbbell Shrug (12 repetitions)

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Lower Body Giant Set

  • Dumbbell Squat (15 repetitions)

  • Lying Leg Curl (15 repetitions)

  • Walking Lunge (15 repetitions each leg)

  • Seated Calf Raise (15 repetitions)

  • Standing Cal Raise (15 repetitions)

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Note: Take no rest between individual exercises though 3 minutes rest between each set. Perform four total sets to finish the workout.

Either you can follow the giant set workout mentioned above or you can follow each body part per day like mentioned below. 

2.      Giant Sets Workout Program

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Off

Friday – Shoulders

Saturday – Arms


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How to Make Progress with Giant Sets to Gain Muscle Fast

Progressive overload is the only rule that needs to be followed to gain muscles with giant sets. Though, that means your workout should be efficient enough that you can get maximum muscle gain from that workout.

Maximum muscle gain from a workout can be accomplished by:

  • Provide your muscle a full range of motion by wearing the perfect workout outfit

  • Adding more reps

  • Increasing the weight

  • Increasing the number of sets

  • Decreasing the rest between the sets


If you performed 10 reps for each exercise this week, go 12 for the next workout. Increase the reps from 10 to 12 and perform giant sets in your next workout session.

Increase the Weight

If you perform 12 reps on every exercise for each set, you can add more weight like 5 to 10 pounds. And perform the same reps with increased weight. 

Decrease Rest

Lessen the rest time the more effective giant sets you will get. If you are taking 2 minutes rest between sets, decrease it until you reach 5 seconds.


More like other workouts, giant sets are applicable in muscle growth and toning. What makes them more effective is the consecutive repetitions hitting on the same group of muscles.

They hit the muscle, put stress on it, and push it more than any other exercise. If you are facing a plateau in the gym, giant sets would work it all. Though, they require less time but are more effective than basic time-taking sets. 


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