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Best 15 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout No Equipment

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Aren't you in a position to go for a full-fledged 30 or 45-minute workout to burn calories and get fit? Don’t worry. A 15-minute hiit cardio workout can also do the job for you in a similar fashion. Here you will be learning about different aspects of a 15-minute hiit cardio workout besides learning the best HIIT cardio workout that you can do without any equipment.

What are the Benefits of Doing 15 minutes of Cardio a Day?

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not need to go for long workouts sessions for getting health benefits. A 15-minute intense workout can get the job done for you.

It has a number of benefits you might be looking for including increasing calories burn, losing weight, getting into shape, reducing aging affects, and enhancing your mental health. And, more importantly, these 15-minute HIIT cardio workouts are found helpful in increasing strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

You can also attain such benefits by investing your 15 minutes daily in these workouts.

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Is It Okay to Do 15 minutes of HIIT Every day?

According to fitness experts, to stay healthy it is essential for a person to workout 150 minutes a week or they should spend at least 75 minutes a week on vigorous workouts. From vigorous workouts, they mean high intensity workouts that require practitioners to put their maximum exertion in small intervals.

Doing a 15-minute full body hiit workout daily is found to be enough for disturbing the muscle fibers to help you increase heart rate, oxygen uptake, and activating metabolism. So, if you are doing HIIT workouts properly for 15 minutes, you can achieve your fitness goals at a faster speed.

How Many Calories Does a 15-minute Workout Burn?

It depends on the level of intensity you pick for your 15-minute workouts. According to the latest research conducted by Health Status a 165-pound individual burns only 84 calories with a moderately intense workout of 15 minutes. However, a 15 minute fat burning workout can burn almost 151 calories of a person with the same weight.

It also depends on the nature of exercises you include in your 15-minute workouts. 15 minutes of crunch performing will burn less calories as compared to a 15-minute HIIT cardio workout.

Is It Normal to Feel Tired After a 15-minute Fitness Exercise?

Yes, it is normal to feel tired and sleepy after a 15-minute fitness exercise and it is not any point of concern. Most of the time, you get tired early, particularly if you are doing a 15-minute hiit workout for beginners for the first time. Age factor also plays a role in this respect.

More particularly if you are doing high intensity exercises, this is more likely to happen. There are some other factors like your fitness level, diet, level of hydration, types of exercises, frequency of exercises, and night sleep that also play a role in this regard. In some cases, you get tired and feel sleepy after an exercise, it means that you are pushing yourself hard.

How to Get the Most Out of Short Workouts?

It is universal that everyone wants to gain maximum by investing less, either working out or doing business. If you want to maximize your gains with the shorter workouts, you should be;

  • Keeping your workouts simple
  • Focusing on high intensity exercises
  • Trying strength training
  • Going with a plan
  • Streamlining your sessions
  • And eliminating distractions.

The Best 15-minute HIIT Cardio Workout

There are multiple ways people go when it comes to performing a 15-minute HIIT cardio workout with no equipment. You can design on your own considering your fitness needs and the intensity level that your body can bear for 15 minutes.

However, to help you gain the maximum with your 15-minute-high intensity workout, we have found an incredible set of exercises.

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You will start with a 2 and half minute warm up jog or any other exercise that can help get your body ready for a high intensity workout followed by a rest of 30 seconds. After the warm up, you will be performing 2 45 second sets of the following exercises with a rest interval of 15 seconds in between sets as described below in the table.

15 Minute HIIT Cardio (No Equipment) Workout

No. of Sets





Warm up (jogging/running/rope skipping)

2 min, 30 sec

30 sec


Mountain Climbers

45 sec

15 sec


Lunge Jumps

45 sec

15 sec


High Knees

45 sec

15 sec


Sumo Squat Heel Peddle

45 sec

15 sec


Plank Launcher Push Ups

45 sec

15 sec


Speed Skaters

45 sec

15 sec

To maximize your gains and intensity level of your workouts, try to put maximum exertion by increasing the number reps in each set of said exercises. This will help you improve your heart rate, endurance, and strengthen your whole-body muscles.

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