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How to Attain A Summer Body for Women Through Workout

How to Attain A Summer Body for Women Through Workout

This year Summer not only presents a great opportunity for women to enjoy themselves at the beach, go on a vacation trip, or spend time with friends. It is also prime time to get invested in an exercise program, sweating it out and working on one’s figure. Now it may seem impossible at times to incorporate a summer workout regimen.

After all, there seems to be so little time available being busy with jobs, dealing with family, or other responsibilities. But it is doable to get into shape before fall finally hits. It all depends on if one approaches the challenge with a positive mindset. If you are interested in attaining a summer body, this article details the potential benefits that a workout would have on your health, suggestions for fitness programs, and descriptions of possible exercises.    

Benefits of Summer Workout:

Benefits of summer Workout

It may be difficult to get motivated at first. You may balk at the idea of putting on gym clothes and having to physically exert yourself more than usual. You are probably wondering: could I just try to go on a diet instead? While changing your diet is part of the process, it alone is not sufficient. Pushing your body to do intensive exercises over the summer will not only have a positive effect on your appearance. It will also produce long-term health benefits

Building Muscle Mass:

Building Muscle Mass

The thought of pushing your muscles past their normal limits may seem scary at first, but the payoff is well worth the pain. As you gain and solidify your muscles, you will have newfound strength that will help your body endure the remainder of your training. 

Improved Joints:

Improved Joints

As certain exercises require you to move your ligaments far past what they are used to, you’ll find that you will soon become more flexible than you thought possible. Not only that, but your joints will become accustomed to the strain of your exercises, making it easier to workout little by little. 

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss

In order to get to the ideal summer body you are striving towards, the exercises you do will have to be done at an intense rate. The burning you feel in your muscles means that the unwanted body fat you want to get rid of is also melting away. 

Better Mental Health: 

Better Mental Health

Because of how strenuous exercise can be, especially in the summer heat, it is tempting to want to give up. But finding the mental fortitude to keep pushing steels your resolve and builds character. Plus, overcoming challenges does wonders for your self-confidence.  

Tougher Heart:

Better Heart Health

As your body gradually grows stronger, it is not just the muscles in your limbs and torso that become well built, but also the muscles in your chest. Your heart becomes more resistant to cardiovascular diseases, meaning you decrease the chances of suffering from a heart attack. 

Thicker Bones:

Thicker Bones

The structure of your bones also becomes more compact, being able to withstand greater punishment without breaking. Besides during the summer, your bones may maintain their compactness even as you grow older, lessening the chances of suffering from bone-related diseases.     

Fitness Programs:

Fitness Programs

While there is nothing wrong with figuring out how to exercise on your own, it does not hurt to have a plan laid out that you can follow. While difficult, it is possible to complete the work necessary to get your summer body in less than or about a month. Below are solutions that you may find helpful: 

4-Week Workout Program #1:

This workout program follows the same routine every day for the 4 weeks. It involves interchanging between light and heavy weights. For light weights, they are lifted at high reps per set at a fast rate. For heavy weights, they are lifted at low reps per set at a slower rate. Medium weights are included as well to allow sessions with moderate difficulty. To relieve strain, certain days are dedicated to just practicing cardio. 

  • Day 1 focuses on using heavy weights with low reps per set to improve strength. 

  • Day 3 focuses on using light weights at high reps per set to burn calories. 

  • Day 5 focuses on using medium weights at either low or high reps per set to build muscles. 

  • Day 2, 4, and 6 focus on practicing cardio. 

  • Day 7 is used to rest.       

4-Week Workout Program #2:

This workout program follows the same routine every day for the 4 weeks. The primary sections of the body that this plan works on include the upper-body, the lower-body, the whole body, and the abdominal area. Each section of the body is given its own day to work on. There is also an optional choice to have sessions that focus on multiple parts of the body at once.

  • Day 1 focuses on training the upper-body. 

  • Day 2 focuses on the lower-body. 

  • Day 4 focuses on the entire body. 

  • Day 5 focuses on the abdominal area. 

  • Day 6 focuses on cross-training. 

  • Days 3 and 7 are used to rest. 

4-Week Workout Program #3:

This workout program is split into two parts: practicing cardio and muscle toning. The first part is about doing exercises at an intense pace that target muscles in your abs, legs, arms, and butt. It also has the added bonus of burning excess calories. The second part involves strengthening the muscles you have worked on to expedite the removal of unwanted body fat. Both parts are done for each session of every workout day.   

For Weeks 1 to 2:

  • Days 1, 3, and 5 dedicate the first half to practicing cardio and finish the session with muscle toning. 

  • Days 2, 4, 6, and 7 are used to rest. 

For Weeks 3 to 4: 

  • Days 2, 4, and 6 dedicate the first half to practicing cardio and finish the session with muscle toning.

  • Days 1, 3, 5, and 7 are used to rest. 

4-Week Workout Program #4:

This workout program follows the same routine every day for the 4 weeks. Week 1 is an introductory phase where you learn how to do every exercise. Week 2 has you work out at least two body parts per day, each done in quick succession of the other. Week 3 has you repeat the process of the previous week, but with additional exercises of a lower weight class. Week 4 is the final stretch where the exercises are done continuously at a rigorous rate that pushes your body and breaks its limits. 

  • Day 1 focuses on the glutes and hamstrings.

  • Day 2 focuses on the shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

  • Day 3 focuses on plyometrics to improve muscle strength.

  • Day 4 focuses on the quads and calves.

  • Day 5 focuses on the back and biceps.

  • Day 6 focuses on the abs. 

  • Day 7 is used to rest.

Diet And Lifestyle:

As mentioned earlier, an appropriate diet does help if done in conjunction with a strict training schedule. If you are not careful with what you put in your body and how much, you may end up setting yourself back instead. Just as you have to be careful how you plan out your workout days, you need to be prepared to adopt a specific lifestyle

  • Before you begin, set realistic expectations for yourself. If there are foods that you are not ready to go without, take it slow. Deliberate which ones are non-essential and gradually cut them out of your daily meals. Work up towards regularly eating foods that have nutritional value. 

  • Do not expect to see massive weight loss right at the start of the program. It takes time to get results and you cannot expect the changes to your body to happen immediately.

  • A diet is not the same as a fast. Do not neglect eating at any of the standard meal times during any point in the day. You will be thrown off your schedule and may consume more or less food in an attempt to compensate. Be consistent about when and what you eat.  

  • Also remind yourself to stay hydrated. Even when you are not feeling thirsty, make it a point to drink plenty of water in between breaks or during meals. You will find that your body will be able to push itself further if you consistently replace the fluids lost through exertion. 

  • Gauge what you are capable of doing now instead of diving into the hardest tasks immediately. Engaging in activities that require greater effort does not guarantee that you will burn a lot of body fat. More likely, you will end up hurting yourself forcing your muscles to take strain that they are not used to. 

  • Come up with strategies that will help you make the most of your time and make it more efficient jumping into the start of your workout day. Taking the time to research what equipment you need, the food you should eat or avoid, and how to plan out your workout days will help expedite the training process. As you become used to the training routine, it will become as natural to you as breathing.    

  • Make it a habit to record how many reps or sets you finished for each exercise, how many calories you consumed each meal, and have a checklist listing what you need to accomplish in the future. Having accurate information of your progress will help you determine whether you are underperforming or on schedule. You can then plan how to catch up or make adjustments accordingly. 

  • Do not get discouraged if you encounter difficulties along the way. There are days where circumstances make it impossible for you to do the full workout or you may have regained weight after you just lost it. The strictness of workout programs force you to analyze what you are currently doing right and what habits can be improved.          

  • Do not forget to take a break and enjoy yourself. Remember, the workout program is just one aspect of your life. While it is important to be diligent in your exercises if you want to achieve your summer body, do not let it take over your life. Make time for other hobbies, check up on people close to you, or even treat yourself with your favorite food as long as it is not too much.    


As laid out by the workout programs, the path to your preferred summer body means you have to exercise each section of your body equally. Neglecting even one means you are not receiving all the benefits. There is a long list of exercises to choose from, from your shoulders to your legs. Ultimately, you decide which exercises for which body part are the ones you want to pursue.    

Legs Workout for Women:

Legs workout

Muscles that are worked out in the legs are the quads, calves, and hamstrings. 

  • Jump Squats

  • Power Jumping Jacks

  • Side Lunges

  • Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

  • Forward Skaters

  • Step-Ups

  • Inner Thigh Lifts

Arms Workout for Women:

Arms Workout

Muscles that are worked out in the arms are the triceps and biceps.

  • Tricep Dips

  • Tricep Kickbacks

  • Tricep Pushups

  • Lying Tricep Extensions

  • Bicep Hammer Curls

  • Bicep Concentration Curls

Chest Workout for Women:

Chest Workout

Muscles that are worked out in the chest are the pectorals. 

  • Bench Press

  • Seated Arnold Press

  • Dumbbell Floor Press 

  • Lying Dumbbell Chest Fly

  • Mountain Climber Pushups

  • Incline Pushups

  • Chest Squeezes

Back Workout For Women:

Back Workout

Muscles that are worked out in the back are the laterals. 

  • Deadlifts

  • Superman

  • Shrugs

  • Planks

  • Upright Row

  • Incline Row

  • Snatch

Abs Exercises For Women's:

Abs Workout

Muscles that are worked out in the abs are the abdominals.

  • Leg Lifts

  • Flutter Kicks

  • Side Planks 

  • Bicycle Crunches

  • Side Burpees

  • Leg Pulls

Butt Workout for Women's:

Butt Workout

Muscles that are worked out in the butt are the glutes.

  • Side-Lying Leg Lifts

  • Walking Lunges

  • Prisoner Squats

  • Butt Burns

Begin Your Summer Body Journey:

Now that you have been given a preview, you are ready to make the most of your summer. As you approach your desired workout program, treat it as a welcome challenge rather than a grueling process. Remember, the purpose is to achieve a level of self-improvement you want depending on how you wish to look. It is your decision, your commitment, your body. How far you will go in terms of reaching your summer body depends on your determination in the end.   

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