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The Abs Workout: The Noob Guide to Abs Workout Routine

The Abs Workout: The Noob Guide to Abs Workout Routine

Do you ever wonder what’s the perfect recipe to get ripped? If you are one of the millions wondering why we can’t get perfect abs just like Calvin Klein models, you might be in for a treat. Starting from the three basics lifestyle changes, we will take you through the journey of a perfect abs workout routine that will surely change the way you look at boring workout routines. Unlike basic workout routines where you just need to pump up your body and exert the energy, we will guide you about the change you truly deserve.

According to the majority of the physicians and fitness trainers, people usually avoid heavy work out and look for a rather easy way out. This is the main reason you might have come across multiple crash diets and calorie burning techniques. No matter what you try, you need to keep one thing in mind, health and fitness are not cheap. You have to spend time on your health, your body needs fuel and you have to invest your time to reach your goal. According to the Hollywood sexiest man alive, Michael B Jordan, work out can become fun if you know how to enjoy it. The biggest mistake most people rely on the fat burning diet. You might feel a little thin, but you need to build a muscle and that’s where you need more work.

One thing is very important to know, these bodybuilding exercises are different for each body type, gender, and age. Without a proper recommendation from a trainer, a beginner can easily rip a muscle or rupture something if not done under supervision. Additionally, women are recommended to work differently on their abs because of their difference in BMI and fats ratio in their body. The way a woman carries weight as compared to a man exerts a different effect on her body. Additionally, trainers recommend relatively fewer heavy exercises for women without involving too much weight. Some of these exercises are specially designed for men and due to this reason mainly, a recommendation from a fitness trainer is very essential. 

If you want to get a body that women can kill for, you have to start by stepping out of your comfort zone. To make it easier, we have listed down five easy exercises along with dos and don’t to help you exercise independently. For all these exercises you don’t require any extra equipment or help from professionals.

Some of these exercises have been fortified by adding few extra weight options or moves. Additionally, we have also listed a few exercises with the combination of multiple exercises so you can see better results in a shorter time period. 


Frequency: 2 reps total

Time: 5 minutes

If you want to start an abs workout, there is no way you can skip planks. It is the best abs workout one can ask for, you just have to lie face down on the ground and support yourself with the help of your elbow. Your weight will be on your forearms but your abs will be doing the heavy lifting. This might seem quite easy but if you have never worked out in your life, you might be in for a treat. Most fitness trainers recommend it to everyone but even for the plant, you need the right technique otherwise you might end up ripping a muscle or two.

One of the major don’ts while doing a plant is to lose your body. You need to make sure you are squeezing your entire body, especially your gut, quads, back, and core. Make it as tight as possible and keep breathing while you do it.



Frequency: 30 reps total

Time: 15 minutes

A squat is an exercise that is usually done for the lower body, especially for the hips. You might have come across many workout routine videos where trainers keep recommending squats. As a matter of fact, squats can be very useful if you are following the right technique and the right posture. Just keep your feet apart and clench your abs. you want to make sure your muscles are a little tight and you are pressing on your heels every time you want to return to your original position. You can also make it a little heavy by adding a few blocks or some weight.

The major don’ts while doing squats is to straighten up your back. Most people keep the body loose and they end up hurting their backbone. Bending your backbone while lifting weight will surely put a strain on it and this can do more harm.

Dead Bug

Frequency: 20-30 reps total

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

The dead bug is one of the most hard-core exercises that trainers would highly recommend you. However, it is quite exhausting, which is the reason you need to bring a buddy along. This is the best exercise that you can do with a friend while you motivate yourself along. You can start by lying face-up on your mat and spread your arms straight above your shoulder, make it feel like cockroaches’ wings. Now bring your knees up and aim for your chest. Don’t bend your knees too much, you want to make sure it makes a right angle with your thigh. Now you want to amp it up a little by adding a knee workout and arm lift together. Don’t forget to keep breathing because you might be exerting too much at this point.

A basic don’t that you must keep in mind is to keep your lower back straight. You don’t want to keep your body loose, just tighten your gut. Your regular breathing along with your tight muscles will create the right amount of pressure to give you the desired results.

Hardcore Cannonball

Frequency: 30 reps total

Time: 15 minutes

This exercise on our list will surely take your abs workout routine to a whole new level. You might have heard of a cannonball, but we are taking a simple cannonball exercise and adding something that can fortify its effect. Wear workout clothes and start by getting into a regular cannonball position and hug your knees. You need to squeeze your gut while hugging your knees and then extend your arms and legs outwards. Make sure your arms and feet are not touching the ground and you are keeping it in the air while your back is on the floor. You have to hold it for a few seconds before you start it again.

There are no specific don’t about this exercise, just make sure your arms and feet are not touching the ground. This will help you put stress on your core and you can enjoy better results. If your feet and arms are on the ground; this means your weight is on your forelimbs and hind limbs. You can also think of it as holding a crunch.

Abs Wheel Rollout

Frequency: 15 reps total

Time: 7-10 minutes

Thinking about a rollout for the abs might feel like too much exaggeration because there is support that you get from rollout. According to fitness, trainer’s rollout is quite an effective drill and it is usually recommended by the drill instructors to the soldiers as a warm-up exercises as well. Of course, you can customize the exercises according to your convenience, but you might need a few tips.

Start by kneeling on the floor and take help from the abs wheel that you need to place beneath your shoulders. Make sure you take the support of the abs wheel otherwise you might end up putting a strain on your muscle. Now tighten your abs muscles and start to roll the wheel forward, with every second you can sync your breathing, and muscle tension will release. Now roll back and take a few seconds to tighten your core and reset your breath. You can do as many reps as you want but for the starters, it is better to start with 10-15 reps only.


Horizontal Cable Woodchop

Frequency: 15 reps total

Time: 10-12 minutes

If you have ever seen a movie where they want to show hardcore exercises this is one of the ideal scenes that most filmmakers love to shoot. A simple way to imagine this exercise is to attach the cables with something and then use that anchor point to flip the cables like you are chopping the tree.

Start by adjusting the cable to an anchor point and set it to your shoulder level by attaching it to something sturdy. Now grasp the handle with both hands and stand with your feet apart. You need to maintain the distance between your feet just according to your shoulder. Now extend your arms and tighten the cables, you need to tighten it for a better muscle workout. Make sure you are far away from the anchor point and your feet at stationary, otherwise this will be a complete waste. For better results tighten your core muscles while marinating your posture.

Russian Ball Twist

Frequency: 30-50 reps total

Time: 15-25 minutes

For someone aiming for tight abs yet not so ripped that you can see it through the shirt, a ball twist can be a game-changer. Almost all the football players have been spotted doing the ball twist one way or the other. This exercise is not very hard and has proved to be the best workout for the forelimbs, triceps, biceps, core, and abdominal muscles.

You can start by sitting on the floor casually as you would. Now lift up your knees and bend your legs, for better results you need to make sure your feet are above the ground without any support. Hold the medicine ball in your hands and extend your arms in front of you. You can now twist your body on each side and touch the ball to the ground. You need to keep repeating that on each side and that will make one complete rep. make sure you are not holding your breath and your core muscles are tight.

Ball Climber

Frequency: 35-40 reps total

Time: 15-20 minutes

This might sound like a weird exercise but these exercises have a proven track record. According to the best fitness trainers, this exercise is an easy alternative for rock climbing. In most fitness training, this exercise is called mountain ball climber. You just have to take the support of the ball and act like you are climbing a mountain.

You can start by holding a ball between your hands and keeping the ball firmly on the floor. Make sure the floor is not too slippery because you are going to rely on the ball for support. Now get into the pushup position by taking the support of the ball. Bring your knee to your chest one by one like you are climbing the stairs or the mountain. Now relax your knee and bring it back to its original position and do the same with the other knee. This is going to engage your calf and thigh muscles as well as your abdomen and core.

Pike to Superman

Frequency: 10-15 reps total

Time: 10 minutes

Pike up superman is one of the most interesting exercises that you can manage for your core. Even the name sounds quite interesting. This is one of the exercises that you will enjoy with a friend or with a gym partner. Apart from a gym partner, you will also need a stability ball or a medicine ball to support your body.

Start by getting into the pushup position but keep your toes on the ball. Make sure your hips are a little bent, now roll the ball with the help of your torso as it becomes vertical. The main point is to move the ball with the help of your torso, as it has rolled at one side already. Now, start to roll it back as you get back to your position again. Don’t touch your hands or try to support yourself, otherwise, you will be wasting your effort completely. Extend your spine as your roll the ball back to its position and then roll the ball up via your legs so your body is straight and your arms are over your head. You are basically just moving your body to support the ball. However, you can’t skip the stability ball, it is essential and has proved to be a handy workout buddy for everyone who can’t afford expensive gym equipment.


Frequency: 30-50 reps total

Time: 15-25 minutes

Everyone who has ever worked out with a good trainer will surely know how much they stress over sprinters. The only issue is that while working on your own, you might not have the right equipment. You need suspension trainers to support your legs and if you don’t have something sturdy to support your legs you might end up hurting yourself.

Start by placing your feet into a foot cradle for support. For this, you may have seen suspension trainers or you can take help from your trainer who can give you sturdy support.  Now get into the pushup posture and keep your hands on the floor. Start bringing your knee towards your chest and keep your other leg extended.  Do the same with your opposite leg now as you bring the other leg back, this will look like you are running while staying at one place. This will help you engage your core muscles as well as your calf and thigh muscles.

Dumbbell Crunch

Frequency: 15 reps total

Time: 10 -12 minutes

Dumbbell crunch as the name suggests is another modification of the traditional old school crunch. It is a little hardcore and we are not suggesting this to anyone who doesn’t have an instructor or a gym buddy for support. Additionally, women who are working out for abs must not try this as it can only strain their muscles and body.

Start by lying flat on your back and then hold a dumbbell and place it right across your chest and support it with your hands so it doesn’t fall. The main reason this exercise is not recommended for women is that the pressure can be heavy for them. Raise your lower body and then lower it while marinating the tightness in your abs and core muscles. Keep repeating this and sync your breathing every time you try to lower your body back to its original position.

Bird Dog

Frequency: 20 reps total

Time: 10 minutes

As the name indicates, this is the easy combination of two different poses and both are combined for a better grip on the core. Most trainers will tell you to pose like a dead bug but, it feels more like a dog and then you extend your opposite forelimb and hind limb to pose like you are about to take flight. Starting with the basic, just post like a table or like you are crawling like a baby. The key to this is core tightening if you just keep the body loose. You will feel that nothing is happening and you are just putting pressure on your limbs. Most trainers recommend, maintaining a proper posture while exercising otherwise you might end up with cramps at weird places especially the shoulder area. Go down on your four limbs and support your body like you are a table. Just make sure you have your knees on the ground and extend your limbs while shifting the weight on the opposite limbs. After each time pause for a few seconds and let your muscles breathe so your body feels the weight. Repeat this several times and make sure you are breathing in sync with your limb extending exercise.

If we see don’t for these exercises, most trainers will recommend not to strengthen your muscles too much. Just keep your forelimbs a little bend so your triceps are not exhausting their energy too much. Another important thing is to straighten your back every time you extend your limbs. This might look a little too exhausting but overall, tightening the core will help with better results. These exercises will take around 10 minutes and you will start seeing the impact in just a few weeks.

Arms-High Partial Situp

Frequency: 20-30 reps total

Time: 10 minutes

Sit-ups are a great way to burn calories and most of us have been doing it since our childhood. However, traditional sit-ups are not quite fruitful, which is the reason we have fortified it with the help of a few other moves. You can set the timer according to your stamina and personal goal. You can start by lying down on your back with your knees a little bent so they are not perfectly straight but a little relaxed. Now start by raising your arms outwards over your head and keep them above your head throughout. Now sit up as you would but just halfway and then lay back down. This completion of halfway sit-up and then going back down completes one rep. you can aim for up to 30 at one stretch or you can go beyond depending on the results you are expecting.

Abs Workout for Females

Female body type is quite different from male body type. Most of the medicines, supplements, and physical experiments are held on men. As a result, we have some of the best medicines, treatments, and exercises for men. However, the industry is changing now and it is challenging the norms that were once set as benchmarks. People are now more concerned about women's health and women are taking exercise and diet very seriously. With fitness sessions and fashion evolution, every body type is equally celebrated. Women are now given equal opportunity in the medicine and fitness industry, which is the reason women are thinking beyond the flat belly. They are now thinking about abs that can make their clothes fit better and give them a healthy look.

Bicycle Crunch

Frequency: 20-30 reps total

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

For women, the bicycle crunch is an ideal exercise that you can add to your abs workout routine. As we discussed earlier, the simple old school crunch is no longer in practice. To make it more effective and engaging the crunch has been now changed into a bicycle crunch. Researchers and trainers recommend bicycle cru8nch because it is estimated to be more effective. With the help of these exercises, you can not only engage your core muscles in a better way but also speed up the results. As compared to a common old school crunch, you can see results in just a few weeks. If you repeat these exercises just 20-30 times, you will be able to feel tightness in your core and abs muscles.

Lie straight on your back and bring your knees at a right angle. Now keep your hands on either side of your temple and try to sit up. As you crunch, you have to tighten your abs muscles and also perform bicycle moves which include lifting your leg up and pretending like you are riding a bicycle. This is one of the most effective abs workouts and a favorite among women. If you want to stay home and still get ripped, this is defiantly something that you must try.

Old School Plank

Frequency: 2 reps total

Time: 5 minutes

For the workout, a plank is still the most favorite abs workout among men and women. One of the best things about a plank is, you don’t need any equipment. Also, you don’t have to follow any routine because you can take just 60 seconds or you can make it as long as you want. Usually, a plank is considered an exercise that has more to do with the personal stamina of the individual. With the help of these exercises, you can engage your abdominal muscles and your lower back.

If you want to make the most out of your plank you can take it up a notch. Just forward your right hand and now you have to hold it for a few seconds. Now take your hand back to the original positions and do the same with the other hand. In short, you are doing one hand plank and this can defiantly help you more. The estimated time for the plank is a few minutes but you can aim up to 5 minutes if you are a beginner.

Reverse Crunch

Frequency: 15-20 reps total

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

A simple crunch is not that effective as we have already discussed but if you still want to try it, we recommend you should try different variations. The bicycle crunch is an excellent alternative and has a proven track record. Apart from this, we also recommend a reverse crunch. The main reason for recommending reverse crunch is engaging the lower abdomen as well as tightening the lower core muscles. And if you want to take it up a notch, you can even add weight. This can vary according to your stamina and it is totally optional.

You can start by lying on your back and rather than taking your hands up to your temple, tuck them under your lower back. Now bend your knees and this will be your initial position. You can now start by bringing your legs up at 90 degrees towards your torso. You have to aim for a pelvic tilt and now pull your knees towards your chest like you are about to hug them. Now get back to the initial position and repeat again until you have reached your count.

Hanging Windscreen Wipers

Frequency: 30 reps total

Time: 15 minutes

As already mentioned in the beginning, men and women have different body types and they have different effects of the same exercises on their body. Hanging windscreen wiper is one of the most hardcore exercises and it is loved among fitness trainers and gym enthusiasts alike. However, this exercise is usually recommended for men and women don’t really like this. If you want to see quick results you might also try it. You have to hang yourself from a bar and pull your legs up. With the help of this exercise, you are not only engaging your core but also your shoulders and forelimbs. While exercising you need to squeeze your core and make it as tight as possible.

Additionally, you have to exercise control on your core muscles and move your leg from side to side while keeping them together. One tip that can be life-changing is maintaining posture. For beginners these exercises can be a little hardcore so, take help from a friend or your fitness trainer. Without any help, you may even rip a muscle or end up twisting your lower back beyond its safe range.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Frequency: 12- 16 reps total

Time: 15 minutes

For women, a combination of different crunches is good enough to form a workout routine. According to the trainers and fitness instructors, vertical leg crunch is 116% more effective than a simple crunch. With the help of the vertical leg crunch, you can engage the core, abs muscles, and abdominal cavity at the same time. You can just start by lying down on your back and raise your legs up in the air with your knees a little bent. Now start by touching your ankles with your hands and sync your breathing with it. Just keep your back straight and tighten your core muscles if you don’t have a trainer or instructor.

While doing your vertical leg crunches, keep your chin off your chest and try to stay off the ground. This will create tightness in the core and you will see results much faster. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also add a small gap where you hold your position for 15 seconds every time you sit up and stay off the ground.

Five Exercises That Are Outdated

When we think about abs workouts, we defiantly think about crunches, squats, planks, and a lot more. However, with the time we have seen trainers and physicians have modified a few exercises. Experts are quite aware of these changes and if you get in contact with a fitness trainer or an expert gym instructor you might learn a thing or two. For a complete newbie, these things can be quite challenging and they might just be wasting their time on old techniques. Here are a few exercises that are no longer in practice but some of us are still wasting our time on these exercises.


Crunches are known to be among some of the most loved exercises when we talk about abs workouts. The basic crunch just engages your adnominal muscles and yet it can easily exhaust your shoulders and neck muscles which is the reason most people have pain in their neck area. In short, crunches are doing more damage to the workout routine and this is destroying the body posture as well. In case, you are thinking of starting from crunches you might be surprised how much guidance you will require for just crunches.

Straight-Leg Sit-Up

If you are thinking what are the worse exercises that you can torture yourself with? Maybe you should consider the traditional style of Straight-Leg Sit-Up. This exercise is responsible for most of the back issues, disc slips, and dislocation of discs. Additionally, this puts a strain on your lower back muscles more than your core or abs area. In short, you are exhausting the wrong muscles. General physicians and orthopedic surgeons are now recommending that it’s better to take an alternative especially if you are considering an abs workout routine.

Abs Rocker

Abs rocker seems like a very good exercise, starting from the traditional crunch it feels like a very good alternative however, research has revealed otherwise. According to most fitness trainers, abs rocker is not effective at all. In fact, compared to a traditional crunch it is 80% less effective. The biggest reason most people like to do abs rocker is the ease factor. They find it easy and so, it doesn’t work unless you keep doing it for a longer period. Additionally, it causes strain in the neck muscles, leading to constant stiffness in the neck muscles.

Seated Twist

Seated twists are a complete waste because you need equipment and in case you have the gym facility you don’t want to waste time on something that can cause pain. Seated twist is quite enjoyable but it can rotate the body beyond the safe range. In short, you don’t get the results you are looking for but rather you get constant strain in your lower back. Imagine going to a gym for better fitness but coming back with lower back pain instead. If rated among worse and most damaging exercises, these excises will single-handedly qualify in the worse category?

Dumble Side Bent

Side bent is a great way to engage your core muscles but if not done carefully, this can cause some serious damage. According to physicians, this exercise is not recommended as this is promoting an abnormal way of straining your back muscle. We hardly bend straight down on our side so our body is not immune to these jerks every time we bend on our sides. To add a dumble means, you are just killing yourself and adding to your misery. This exercise mainly causes train in your lower back and the worst part is that it will put a strain on just one side.

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