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Women’s Guide to Building Muscle and Looking Better

Women’s Guide to Building Muscle and Looking Better

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First off, eat more calories than you burn if you want to gain weight. Secondly, the myth that women would get big if the lift is total BS. But women that lift the same little weights complain about no change in their physique is also not the right way.  So, today we will discuss how you can build muscle, gain some weight, and tone your body to look the dive you are. 

For women, it is difficult to gain muscle due to natural hormones. Birth control makes things even harder but it is not impossible, you just have to try harder. The jacked women wearing perfectly fitted workout clothes you see in the gym didn’t achieve all that by mistake or overnight. It must have taken years of working out effortlessly. Before talking about how to do it, let's first talk about why. Should women build muscle at all? If it is harder why care for the trouble?

Building muscle is a personal preference and how much of it you want to build. While some women like to have a lot of muscles, some just want to tone up the body, and some don’t want any muscle at all. Of course, you can choose to burn fat and build muscle in specific areas. This way you can achieve your goals and look good as well as improving your body shape. 

Why women should work out?

Women's Workout

So, here are some reasons why should women workout.

  • Workout makes you stronger, and everyday tasks are easier. So, you don’t need help getting or carrying things. 
  • Strong muscles mean stronger bones, which means you are less prone to getting injured.
  • With age, our muscles deform. Working out now will help with age-related muscle loss. 
  • Your joints are mobilized. Back and hip pain is reduced.
  • Body posture gets better and you start looking better.
  • Life expectancy increases.
  • You get quality sleep.
  • Heart health gets the better meaning reduced risk of diseases.
  • Workout and exercise are a good stress reliever.

Clearing out some misconceptions

Now before getting into the how should you train to gain muscle. First, we will have a look at some training misconceptions while also talking about the ways to resolve the issues. 

Lift heavy

Lift heavy

Women typically stick with the same weights, with time they become comfortable using them. If you want to see change, stimulate muscle growth, a functional reaction is needed to be evoked in your muscles. That will happen only when you get out of the comfort zone. How? By lifting heavier weights that fulfill the demands. You are not there to pose in new leggings or shorts. Once you can accomplish this becoming stronger and gaining muscles would not be much of a problem. 

Choosing the right weights for yourself

Choosing the right weights

Choosing the right weights for yourself is very important. What women mostly do is start by picking up the lightest weights and working out with those like forever. The lighter weights are not the best option for everyone. Instead what you should do is to select the weights that are right for you. Here is how to know. Suppose you are doing 10 reps, the weight that you can lift 10 times with the last two or three becoming challenging than the first are the right ones. 

Maintaining the form while lifting

Maintaining the form while lifting

Maintaining a good and steady form during workouts is as important as anything else. If you cannot lift anymore or start noticing that you are failing to do so it is time to stop. First, the reason can be you lifted heavier than the suitable limit. Second, if the lighter weights seem very easy then stick to these. Keep on pushing, while keeping yourself safe. You would not want yourself to get hurt in the process. When performing back squat, bench presses, overhead presses, and other alike exercises make sure to have someone to help you out or support. Also, consult your coach to be sure if your posture is perfect.

Sets and Reps

Sets and Reps

Choose a heavyweight and doing fewer reps will strengthen the muscles but if you go for lighter weights and more reps then you would be working for muscle endurance. Usually, for muscle gain, you should do three or four sets containing 8 to 14 reps each. Note this pro tip down, take more than between sets or different exercises if you want to gain more strength. But Don’t let your body get cooled down and tank top dry. If you want to increase the size of your muscles reduce the rest periods. Limiting it to half a minute at max and 5 seconds at the minimum.


Work out Frequency

More consistent you are in your training more quickly you will gain muscle. Supposing everything else is just perfect. We would recommend you to train at least 4 days a week. Take one or two days off as you wish and rest during those days. How would you know if you are getting stronger and actually gaining? So, measure the body in beginning then compare it to recent measurements every 4 to 6 months. You would also have to remember the weights, sets, and reps you were using at that time. The best way of doing that is to write things down. Make muscle groups from the upper and lower body. You can do two body parts per workout combining one big muscle and one small. Or just do what the trainer tells you to!

Choosing the exercises

There are literally hundreds of workouts and routines for muscle gain. The ideal way of doing exercise is to start with working on larger muscles first. So, this way you would have more energy to spend on these muscles then you can easily move on to the smaller movements and muscles by the end of your workout routine. If you are only working on one muscle only then start with larger exercises like bench press, deadlifts, overhead press and etc. moving to the smaller ones. Just because you’re sweating doesn’t mean your workout is perfect. The form is very important so pay attention to it. 


Women Squats

The reason for including this first is, most people miss this on purpose or unknowingly. This is very important to work out whether you decide to do it with dumbbells, barbells, or squat rack. Plus, there are many variations of this exercise too so you can change when and if you get bored with one. Squats shape and build the quads and glutes. Be sure to maintain a proper form while performing. Start with light weights and increase them gradually as you get the form right.


Women Deadlift

This also has different variations and can be similarly done with dumbbells or barbells. This exercise is also very important in shaping and strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles. Note, make sure to keep your back flat and the knees slightly bent. Stop if your form is not right, you can see that in the mirror or either ask your trainer to keep an eye. 

Shoulder exercises 

Shoulder Exercise

Dumbbell press, Arnold press, and many other variations of this exercise work towards great looking shoulders and traps. Start with lighter weight and increase the weights after your form is perfect. If you feel like on the verge of dropping weights make sure to have someone to help.

Chest exercises

Chest workout

A chest press can be performed on an incline, decline, or flat bench or on the floor. This targets the chest from several angles which makes sure you don’t miss any part and look equally good. This is also a tough one so you can always have a spotter to help if you feel like really pushing yourself. 

Biceps exercises

Biceps exercises

Bring some variations in the bicep muscle-building program. Do some barbell curls, dumbbell curls, or hammer curls? But don’t move back and forth for momentum. Note, if your back starts to hurt, especially after some exercise. If it does then reduce the weights.

Triceps exercises

Triceps exercises

There are a lot of exercises for triceps, you can either do it on a machine or with barbells and dumbbells. Remember your arms and body should not be moving with momentum. Exclude it from the exercise and exercise only with the power of your arms. It is important if you want to shape your triceps.

Growth in muscles will happen when you push time beyond their limit. So, you would have to get out of your comfort zone. Remember this and include the above-mentioned exercises into your daily workout routine for a better-looking body and stronger muscles. Remember to take appropriate rest between workouts and maintain perfect form. 

What’s next 


Sometimes it can be difficult to enjoy your workouts, it can feel hectic and killing. But don’t you give up and remember why did you start. The three main points to greater looking body are

  • Challenge your body and lift heavy.
  • Eat healthy and more than you burn.
  • Give the body time to recover.
  • Don’t work on the same muscles on consecutive days. 
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