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Tips on Muscle Recovery after a HIIT Session

Tips on Muscle Recovery after a HIIT Session

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Every one of us has heard that muscle recovery after a HIIT session is very important. Fitness enthusiasts are often a victim to the mindset that pain is gain, but scientists and leading fitness coaches from around the world have investigated post-workout recovery as being as much important as is the exercises themselves.


HIIT is a very rigorous and tough workout that involves the working of all the muscles in the body. The muscles in your body don’t grow while you are working out, they are only pumped for a while due to the production of lactic acid. Working out creates tears in the muscles and when they are recovered, they grow and become better than before. 


The muscles only grow with proper nutrition, getting the right amount of protein, and taking the required rest. The same goes for the burning of fat cells, you can burn calories while working out but fat cells take time to burn when combined with a variety of fat-burning foods.  Not having adequate time for recovery and overtraining can cause a decrease in performance and can also cause problems for your metabolism and immune system. 


Right Nutrition at the Right time

Right Nutrition at the Right Time

Nutrition is the key to effective muscle recovery. After the workout muscles in the body demand for protein to make up the muscle fibres that have been damaged during HIIT. Consuming protein after a workout is just the perfect fuel for muscle recovery.

Proteins are produced from amino acids, they aid in the building up of muscles. Proteins repair and rebuild the broken muscles fibers so they can develop better over time. 

You should always aim for taking carbohydrates in the morning so you can have a good start for the day with high energy levels.

Always avoid taking carbohydrates at night because they just act in bulking the body with fat cells as they are not burned to produce energy. The meals should be planned according to their nutrition value and the time you are taking them.


Post-workout HIIT Diet

Post Workout HIIT Diet

Taking a protein-enriched diet can also prevent the body from inflammation. It is advisable to take protein post-workout, but taking protein as a pre-workout has also shown benefits for muscle synthesis.


An easy way for calculating the amount of protein required by your body is 0.5g/kg to maximize recovery and muscle synthesis.


The focus for recovery should never only be on protein but carbohydrates and fats are also important.

Your muscles store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and during HIIT this energy is utilized as the primary form of energy.

Calculating the number of carbohydrates needed according to your body weight is the key to losing fat and building muscle. By remaining in a caloric deficit, you can easily cut some extra inches from your waist.


Eating an overall balanced diet consisting of fruit, vegetables and meat is key for fast muscle recovery. One should never rely on one type of food such as only taking vegetables or only sticking to a high protein diet. Eating a variety of foods have proven to show fast results in recovery


Lifestyle Habits for Effective Recovery


Adopting healthy habits can help in the faster and better recovery of muscles after HIIT sessions. your mind also has an effect on the recovery of your body.

If you adopt positive habits, it is beneficial not only for the peace of your mind but also for the overall health of your body. Some of the habits you can take into consideration for a healthy lifestyle are given below.


Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax

Some of the professional sportsmen sleep more than 10 hours at night for a full recovery. So you can imagine how important it is to give your body proper time to relax.

Sleep deprivation and exercising continuously can impair muscle recovery because it disrupts the inflammation reaction and production of testosterone that is the primary hormone for muscle growth.

Body Massage

Body Massage

Massage not only decreases the pain due to muscle soreness but also aids in improving flexibility and increasing the speed of the recovery process.

It enhances the flow of oxygen in the muscles which decreased the lactic acid build up after a HIIT session, thus it’s beneficial for muscle recovery after a HIIT session

Water Therapy

Water Therapy

 In water therapy, the body is submerged in water at different temperatures. First in hot water and then in freezing cold water, it might seem very weird and intense to you. But, in reality, it helps in muscle recovery due to the process of contraction and expansion of blood vessels.


How can cheat meals help in muscle recovery?

 Cheat Meals

When you are on a caloric deficit diet, your body is more prone to injuries. When sticking to such a diet for a prolonged period, you will suffer from decreased energy levels because the glycogen in your muscles become reduced.

So, the perfect remedy for this issue is that you should have a cheat day every week. Eating a meal full of carbohydrates, proteins and sugars may seem unhealthy but it’s important and has benefits for your body.

Until you are sticking to your strict diet the rest of the week. Cheat meals can help in the comprehensive recovery of your body after HIIT training. Another benefit of having a cheat day is that it can reduce food cravings and keep you motivated to follow your diet.


Small changes in your lifestyle and daily meals can have a big impact when it comes to muscle recovery after a HIIT session.

If someone is obsessed with doing HIIT excessively and not focusing on rest then it would have no significant benefits for him, you can only have a good body and health if you focus on workout and recovery side by side.

Most importantly you should learn to understand the signals that your body is giving you only then you would have a better understanding of when to take a break from workouts and what habits to adopt for effective recovery. 

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