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Top Belly Fat Home Workouts That Don’t Require Equipment

Top Belly Fat Home Workouts That Don’t Require Equipment

Just because you don’t have the equipment doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Especially when you’re exercising to lose belly fat at home.

You’re bound to face limitations but that shouldn’t stop you from increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Our fat deposits make life difficult and require constant effort regardless of what situation you’re in. We all know the reasons and solutions for belly fat.

While most of us try to adopt the right eating habits, working out in a specific environment at a specified time every day can seem hectic.

In most cases, people find their lives changing and becoming demanding enough to keep them from their weight loss goals.

There are many situations other than feeling lazy that make people wonder what the top belly fat home workouts that don’t require equipment would be.

Although they are limited, there are home workouts for almost every muscle of the body. These workouts rely on your body’s weight to provide the necessary resistance.

Whether you’re looking for exercises to lose belly fat for females at home or exercises to burn belly fat for males, these workouts will prove effective for all.

Mountain Climber Burpees

Burpees are common knowledge by now. Most people are aware of burpees but not a lot of them know the better variations of it.

A prime example, mountain climber burpees involve doing mountain climbers as you reach the push-up position.

Mixing two effectives belly fat exercises, you get an improved variation that saves time and burns extra calories.

Burpee with Push-Up

Burpee with Push-Up

Burpees mixed with push-ups make for an increased calorie burnout.

You can increase the number of reps you can do or mix this with HIIT to get enhanced results.

To do burpees with push-ups, you need to stand up straight. Get down and do a push-up.

While you’re coming back up from the push-up, jump straight up and explode into the air as high as you can.

Land standing, instantly drop down and go for the push-up again.



To do an X-Burpee, you do a normal burpee. Except that when you stand up, you do a jumping jack without raising your hands all the way up, forming an X with your body midair.

This workout combines two effective exercises to burn belly fat and requires no equipment at all.

Try going for 10-30 seconds and rest for 20-30 seconds in between at least 3 sets.

Bunny Hop Burpees

Bunny Hop Burpees

Bunny hop burpees require you to sit in a crouched position with your hips behind your knees above which is your head, so as to imitate a bunny.

Now, like a bunny, hop and throw your legs behind. Do a push-up, and like a burpee, get back to the bunny position again.

This exercise makes for effective cardio, proving how efficient bunny hop burpees are as exercises to lose belly fat at home without equipment.

Butt Kickers

Butt Kickers

Instead of running in place, try butt kickers and high-knees. Both of these have proven to be more effective exercises to burn belly fat.

Butt kickers specifically work your core and help your legs become more flexible.

Try not to kick yourself in the butt too hard. Keep your movements and muscles light.

Don’t bother adjusting your foot’s angle to touch your butt. In fact, they don’t have to come in contact at all.

The point of this belly fat workout for home is that your legs are flexible enough and make your core work to make you sweat.

Split Jumps

Split Jumps

Split jumps are famous for being easy and effective.

All you have to do is get in a lunge position, jump in the air, and interchange the positions of your right and left legs.

The key to an efficient split-jump workout is going soft on your landings and jumps.

You can’t afford to waste energy enduring and recovering from the pain of your feet and legs smacking the floor.

Perform multiple sessions that increase in their durations as you grow used to them.

Curtsy Jump Lunge

Curtsy Jump Lunge

To do the curtsy jump lunge, you perform a lunge in which your feet are one in front of another.

Both feet are pointed towards and add a jump in the end.

This serves as your relay point to go for the lunges again. It’s normal for people to get super tired from lunges.

Don’t sweat it if you can’t pick up the pace in the beginning. You’ll eventually grow stronger with it.

Air Swimming

Air Swimming

Swimming is one of the most effective exercises to burn belly fat because of two reasons:

  • It works almost every major muscle group in your body

  • Water becomes a medium of resistance that requires more exertion.

Sure, the added resistance does increase the intensity of the workout, but that’s where air swimming comes in.

One of the best exercises to lose belly fat, air swimming works almost all your muscles. You just have to do significantly more reps and sets to match the output.

Following the same principle, air swimming is an exercise that involves moving all your muscles in the same manner as you would while swimming.

Superman Punch

Superman Punch

Superman punch is an exercise that flattens the stomach, literally.

You start by lying down flat on your stomach and that’s it. Nothing else of your body should be touching the floor other than your stomach and crotch.

Now, with your arms and feet above the ground, stretch them out in the air as much as possible and hold that position.

Keep one of your hands punching and stretching outward while the other hand remains close to your chest.

Since you’ll be keeping your arms raised like superman going into the air, thus the name.

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

To do a glute bridge, you have to lie on your back and look at the ceiling.

Keep your arms completely flat on the ground along with your feet by bending your knees.

Now, lift your hips off the ground and try to make your shoulders, hips and knees form a straight line at the inclined angle.

Squeeze your butt hard while drawing out your abs to prevent your back from extending too much.

Flutter Kick Squat

Flutter Kick Squat

These are also two exercises mixed to create an effective exercise for belly fat that focuses on your legs, providing muscle strength and endurance.

To do a flutter kick, you have to stand with your right foot ahead of your shoulders and your left foot behind them.

The left foot should be in the direction of the right foot.

Now, pop off the ground using your toes and interchange the position of your feet, bringing the left one ahead and taking the right one behind.

Do this once for both sides and for the third pop-off, bring both your feet in line but separate enough to land in a squat position.

Here’s how it should go:

  • Flutter kick left

  • Flutter kick right

  • Squat

Ease down and out of a squat and go for the flutter kicks again.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat1

To do a Bulgarian split squat, you need a bench or a similar elevated surface.

Stand in front of the elevated surface (bench), take your left leg, and extend it back to the bench.

Rest the front of your left foot on the bench upside down.

Making sure that you don’t change the angle, slowly get down on your right leg while bending your left leg until your left knee touches the ground.

Double Jump Squat

Double Jump Squats

To clarify, you will be doing two squats and jumping once.

Start by doing a squat, standing back up, going for another squat, coming back up again and finally, jumping up.

Like most exercises in this list, make sure that you’re not compromising on the exercise’s efficiency by having the wrong pose.

Static Squat

Static Squat

Static squats involve you performing a normal squat, except that you take the position that you’re in when you’re at the deepest point of the squat and hold it.

The static squat requires you to flatten your back when you’re holding your body’s weight on your heels.

Count till 20 as you hold that position.

It will be difficult in the beginning and thus, you shouldn’t expect yourself to complete the 20 seconds the first time.

Try your best to avoid an injury by not putting your weight on your knees and by not holding the position for more time than you easily can.

Single-leg Triceps Dip

Single-leg Triceps Dips

This exercise focuses on your triceps without any equipment.

You’ll be using your body’s weight by adjusting your center of gravity to be shouldered by your triceps.

To get started, get on the floor, put both your hands down and lift yourself up to an elevated position.

Once comfortable, take one leg and raise it up high, keeping it in a straight line with your hips.

Now perform dips to work your triceps by slowly going down and pushing yourself back up with your arms.


Break Dance

The break dancer is exactly what it sounds like. A fun workout for home that helps you attain the perfect body.

You get down on the floor with your hands and your toes keeping you afloat so as to avoid contact between your knees and the ground.

The movement you’ll do next will involve rotating to your left side while raising your left arm in the air.

Next, take your right leg and kick through to your left side with your right hand and left foot being the only things you’re balancing on.

Come back to the middle position and do the same on the other side.

Do this for at least a minute before taking some rest.

Curtsy Lunge to Reverse Lunge with Hop

Curtsy Lunge to Reverse Lunge with Hop

A curtsy lunge seems like a fancy innovation to normal lunges but you can rest assured that it’s definitely effective.

It gives you much more flexibility and control, though it can prove a bit more challenging to carry out accurately.

A curtsy lunge will require you to take your right leg and drag it behind to the left of your left leg and do a lunge on your left leg.

Mix this with a reverse lunge and a hop by coming back to the standing position and doing a jump on your left leg.

Change sides after a complete set and make sure to do equal reps on both.



Planks are fairly simple.

 Given that you can maintain the straight angle that is integral to the workout, planks will prove highly efficient in burning belly fat.

Though there are several variations to this effective home workout that require no equipment, you’ll find even the basic plank working your core, chest and arms.

Not everyone can hold a plank position for the same duration.

Also, it’s much more important to hold the right position rather than the duration.

Crunch Ankle Touch

Crunch Ankle Touches

Crunch ankle touch involves getting down on the floor with your face and knees up.

Lift your head up to allow your hands and shoulders to extend their reach flat on the surface towards your ankles.

Now without lifting yourself up, slide and twist yourself to the right to make your hand touch your right ankle.

Do the same and twist to the other side.

Continue this movement for a few minutes and adjust yourself if you feel any other part of your body except for the core is exerting pressure.

Power Crunch

Power Crunches

To do a power crunch, get on the floor with your face up.

Raise your hands straight up and rise up.

As you come towards a sitting position, bring your hands to your legs as you tuck your knees and squeeze yourself tightly.

Go back to the initial position with your hands raised all the way above your head and continue the exercise for at least half a minute at first.

Runner’s Crunch

Runners Crunches

Runner’s crunches are ideal for people who feel like they can’t get up from bed but still want to lose belly fat.

You have to imitate the movement your body makes when you run while lying on the floor.

To do a runner’s crunch, you have to lie down with your face up.

Slowly rise up while raising your left arm and right leg to imitate a running pose.

Lie back down again and do the same with the other side.

Cross Leg Crunches

Cross-leg Crunches

Cross leg crunches are effective side fat exercises as they introduce a tough angle to the mix.

Firstly, you lie down on the floor with your face and knees up and your feet on the ground.

To do a cross leg crunch, you need to cross your right leg over your left one.

Now, keeping your head in one hand and holding the ankle of your foot on the ground, lift your head up to reach the bent right knee resting on your left leg.

Do at least 10-20 reps and switch sides to work out evenly.

Leg Extension Crunches

Leg Extension Crunches

You have to start by sitting on your hips and raise your legs up to form a 45-degree angle to your body.

You can tilt yourself back and offer support from your bent elbows.

Now, stretch your legs forward in the air and bring them back in, all the while keeping your elbows behind and bent for support.



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